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Google and Red Hat : an Intriguing Partnership

By Yefim Natis | July 05, 2013 | 1 Comment

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JBoss and Google are developing a new Java programming framework: CapeDwarf. The framework duplicates all (with time) Google App Engine Java APIs and implements them using JBoss application server, JBoss Infinispan in-memory data store and some other JBoss open-source components. Google provides enthusiastic support and is developing a collection of tests to certify compatibility.

I see a great potential lurking in this initiative.

The industry needs a standard programming model for cloud (public and private). Java EE or .NET have been designed 10+ years ago for a single-tenant environment.  Java EE 8 is promised to add cloud characteristics, but it is some uncertain time away and no one can be sure if it would amount to a real thing.

Here comes CapeDwarf.   A Java framework that is designed by cloud-native Google that really understands Cloud and implemented by enterprise-native Red Hat which really understand Enterprise.  And neither the framework nor its implementation are theoretical designs that will need years to mature. The programming model is well-tested by Google’s customers and the underlying JBoss AS is battle-proven by JBoss enterprise customers.

And did I mention that the thing is Open-source from the get-go?

A new open programming framework for cloud-based applications that is designed by Google and Red Hat is an intriguing initiative .  But it is not clear that either company is “big enough” for the job.  Does Google really care about the enterprise?  Is Red Hat ready to lead? Care and leadership would be required to turn a small niche project into an industry standard.

Time of course will tell.  But for whatever it’s worth,  I think there is a great opportunity here for the two companies to contribute to the industry and to their own reputation, influence, scope and future.

Why Dwarf?  Think Canaveral. Lead.



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  • Google App Engine is a brilliant development model and it is great to see Red Hat involved. AppScale, the four year old open source implementation of App Engine, is also a partner with Google to bring the simplicity and efficiency of the App Engine model to not only Java devs, but Python, Go and PHP devs as well.