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There will not be a VMforce

By Yefim Natis | August 31, 2011 | 1 Comment

Yesterday at VMworld conference Tod Nielsen, a VMware executive leading its platform efforts, had announced that VMforce will not be delivered, CloudFoundry technology will not run in the data center and users of will be enabled to access in some unspecified way as a compensating feature.  Today Byron Sebastian, platform executive, confirmed it.  VMforce is dead.

As a long-standing  Gartner maxim goes: “the only real partnerships are acquisitions”.  Indeed, followed it to the letter by replacing the partnership with VMware with the acquisition of Heroku (and now Heroku is announced by Marc Benioff to offer Java — completing the swap).

The failure of  the VMforce project and the partnership is a warning message to VMware and other vendors,  that a strategy of a cloud enabler can be difficult: the partners that are essential for the success of such policy might decide to be competitors at some point (early or late) in the partnership.

I believe that the leaders in Cloud computing will aim to control the entire stack of technology underlying their services.  The providers will trump the enablers.

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