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Legaltech NY: Multi-matter management environments?

By Whit Andrews | February 02, 2009 | 0 Comments

Apropos of a briefing we took from Iron Mountain’s Stratify last week, and also this week when I talked to Inference, the question of the value of multi-matter management environments came up.

Ken Withers: Managing matters in a single place for all parties could result in serious savings — but there has to be a tremendous level of trust on both sides to make that happen.

Craig Ball: Where we don’t recognize the opportunity is in small cases, where you spend a lot of effort. Whereas if you can get on the same page, and see things the same way [things can improve.] The repository companies need to be viewed as utilities — we need and association and code of ethics.Why aren’t you getting together? This is the opportunity.

Patrick: That sounds like a den of thieves to me.

Craig: No, that’s the US financial industry.

But seriously, the idea of an association is interesting, because when we asked Iron Mountain what would happen to any matters proceeding if it were to go out of business, Iron Mountain said, basically, that they think it’s extremely, infintesimally unlikely that would happen. A better answer might have been, “we’re in an association, and they’ll cover our backs.”

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