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Hey Washington Post, Part 2

by Wes Rishel  |  March 29, 2009

In Hey, Washington Post, Wake Up! I mentioned several well-reasoned, informed replies to the recent Washington Post note decrying EHRs. I don’t begrudge the Post its need to publish material that grabs attention and runs counter to the thinking of the Administration. I do fault it for ignoring informed responses. I therefore asked the authors to […]

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Hey, Washington Post, Wake Up!

by Wes Rishel  |  March 25, 2009

The recent Wall Street Journal and Washington Post pieces critical of stimulating adoption of EHRs are a grand example of the slide to the Trough of Disillusionment in the Gartner Hype Cycle. After being overly high on a new concept the press goes negative, focusing on the early failures rather than early successes. We know […]

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To Halamka on Sam’s Club eCW

by Wes Rishel  |  March 21, 2009

Congrats to John Halamka on nailing the specifics of the eCW/Dell/Sam’s Club deal in his blog entry Electronic Health Records from Wal-mart. He got a more complete picture than any reporter or analyst I have read, including me. I wonder, though, if his endorsement is a bit sanguine about the implementation process and the formation of […]

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