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CES 2019 Day Two – The Rise of Reinforcement Learning Robotics

by Werner Goertz  |  January 10, 2019

In my previous blog (see: I argued that value creation from hardware is becoming subordinated to that created by ecosystems and AI. Nowhere is this more manifest than in personal robotics: for many years, CES has shown plenty of toy robots, many for children’s education and entertainment. The expected democratization of reinforcement learning will […]

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Day One Report from the Google Assistant Convention, Formerly Known as CES!

by Werner Goertz  |  January 8, 2019

As reported in my previous blog (see: the value creation in consumer electronics is shifting away from hardware towards connected ecosystems. Google’s presence here at CES 2019 is an eloquent proof point of this. Yes, there are Pixel, Pixelbooks, and other Google hardware devices on display, but what Google is really doing is presenting […]

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CES 2019 – Day Zero

by Werner Goertz  |  January 7, 2019

If you don’t already know: don’t expect CES to be a gadget show, as value creation is shifting away from hardware to AI and ecosystem platforms (see: ) If you are still hungry for innovation that you can touch, feel, and that burns up battery power, then here are some products and categories for […]

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Happy New Year 2019 – The Year That Rings In The New Era Of Technology

by Werner Goertz  |  January 1, 2019

Looking back at 2018: laptops sales remain sluggish. Mobile markets are saturated. Wearables, AR/VR have failed to deliver on hype. A diverse portfolio of device categories is what consumers choose to access cloud services. All these products competing for a single wallet. Meanwhile, Cloud providers area gearing up(1) to unleash new value from an AI […]

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Expect Incremental Innovation, not Disruption at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019

by Werner Goertz  |  December 21, 2018

Welcome to December: ‘tis the season to be merry but also wonder what CES will bring! CES 2019 expectations will be driven by three fundamental insights: 1. Disruption comes from software, AI, and platforms – hardware will commoditize Displays may go from 4k to 8k resolutions, smart phone screens from 6.2” to 6.4”, and next […]

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AWS Inferentia Could Reduce Cost of ML, to Further Democratize AI

by Werner Goertz  |  December 10, 2018

The major cloud providers are launching fabless semiconductor business units to drive AI ecosystems, from the cloud to the edge and back: less than half a year ago, I expressed my expectation that Google could take over global AI device endpoints with its TPU Edge (Tensor Processing Units) chips, forming a logical end-to-end semiconductor architecture […]

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How Technology Providers Can Build AI Expert Systems

by Werner Goertz  |  November 27, 2018

For more than a year now, I have argued (1) that generalist personal assistants will be complemented with specialist models which add domain-specific lexica, workflows and knowledge graphs. My vision was that voice AIs (Alexa, Google Assistant,…) will invoke expert AIs, to create “virtual doctors”, “virtual lawyers”, “virtual auto mechanics”, etc. Technology product and service […]

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PC Vendors Fail to Market to Music Content Creators – Apple Gets It and Wins

by Werner Goertz  |  November 19, 2018

Content Creation has been a focus for PC vendors and their supply chain partners (Microsoft, Intel) to counter the decline of their device category. Featured use cases have been image processing (Adobe) and advanced PowerPoint (in addition to high-end gaming). PC makers have largely ignored the millions of recreational, semi-professional and professional creators of music […]

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Infinity Flex Foldable Displays Could Be More Than a Gimmick If Samsung Gets the Software Right

by Werner Goertz  |  November 7, 2018

Today, Samsung’s DJ Koh pre-announced the enabling display technology for a new device category with foldable and flexible screens. Rather than using glass as a surface it relies on a polymer substrate, invented by Samsung Display, that makes the surface both malleable and robust at the same time. This gives the screen an ability to […]

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Apple’s Sustainability Strategy Raises the Bar for the Personal Devices Industry

by Werner Goertz  |  October 31, 2018

For decades, Apple has been a leader in UX/CX design and technology innovation. Its stringent design philosophy instilled by Steve Jobs (1) of starting with a delightful customer experience and working backwards towards a disruptive technology solution has set the bar for other technology providers such as Amazon (2). Under Tim Cook’s leadership, Apple’s messaging […]

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