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Midsize Enterprises Need to Share Work to Tackle Digital Expectations

by Vivek Swaminathan  |  December 5, 2019

The very largest companies benefit from economies of scale, preferential treatment by vendors, massive teams and budgets that support growth.  Unfortunately, small and midsize companies (MSEs) don’t enjoy those luxuries. With median MSE IT spend as a percentage of revenue anticipated to be 3.7% in 2020, CIOs struggle to find enough money to support both […]

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Talent Shortages Erode Analytics ROI at Midsized Enterprises

by Vivek Swaminathan  |  December 4, 2019

contributed by Nikhil Sood, Gartner for Midsize Enterprises According to the Gartner 2019 CIO survey, 48% of midsized enterprise (MSE) CIOs intend to spend the largest amount of new or additional funding on business intelligence or data analytics solutions. This translates into increased demand for data analytics skills within IT teams. However, MSEs CIO will find […]

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