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Vivek Swaminathan
VP, Team Manager, Midsize Enterprise
9 years at Gartner

Vivek Swaminathan is a Vice President of Peer and Practitioner Research for Midsized Enterprises at Gartner. His team supports a peer network of CIOs at midsized companies with tools, benchmarks and case studies designed to empower small IT teams to do big things. Critically, teams that face similar challenges as larger companies need innovative and actionable solutions to deliver the same results with fewer people. Read Full Bio

Getting Started on Product Management for Midsized Companies

by Vivek Swaminathan  |  March 11, 2020

Respond quickly to business needs? Yes! Embrace new ways of working? Yes! Change everything about the way you run IT?  Wait…what?! Midsize enterprises (MSEs) like the idea of product management, but struggle to get a meaningful start.  A number of obstacles, ranging from a lack of dedicated resources to no business partner buy-in, slow adoption.  […]

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Midsize Enterprises Need to Share Work to Tackle Digital Expectations

by Vivek Swaminathan  |  December 5, 2019

The very largest companies benefit from economies of scale, preferential treatment by vendors, massive teams and budgets that support growth.  Unfortunately, small and midsize companies (MSEs) don’t enjoy those luxuries. With median MSE IT spend as a percentage of revenue anticipated to be 3.7% in 2020, CIOs struggle to find enough money to support both […]

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Talent Shortages Erode Analytics ROI at Midsized Enterprises

by Vivek Swaminathan  |  December 4, 2019

contributed by Nikhil Sood, Gartner for Midsize Enterprises According to the Gartner 2019 CIO survey, 48% of midsized enterprise (MSE) CIOs intend to spend the largest amount of new or additional funding on business intelligence or data analytics solutions. This translates into increased demand for data analytics skills within IT teams. However, MSEs CIO will find […]

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Business Acumen Isn’t Built in the Classroom — HANYS’ CIO Embeds It in Workflows

by Vivek Swaminathan  |  November 19, 2019

contributed by Cameron Gilbert, Gartner for Midsize Enterprises While CIOs know business acumen improves outcomes, they struggle to build it in IT employees. In-class training, rotations and coaching are costly and require too much time to improve IT outcomes. But building business acumen in midsize enterprises (MSEs) doesn’t have to take more time and money. Instead, CIOs at progressive […]

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Three Steps to Simplify Product Lines at Midsized Enterprises

by Vivek Swaminathan  |  September 10, 2019

contributed by Lara Beecher, Gartner for Midsize Enterprises Product lines. Heard of them but not sure where to start? Sometimes called end-to-end services, platforms, experiences, or value streams, the term product lines refers to the organization of technology resources around a desired, repeatable outcome. This contrasts with the traditional IT delivery model, which arranges technology resources […]

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Want to Improve Your Business and Security Relationship? Fix the Way You Communicate.

by Vivek Swaminathan  |  July 22, 2019

contributed by Akanksha Pandey, Gartner for Midsize Enterprises Business partners often circumvent information security in the name of faster innovation. In response, IT leaders set up mandatory restrictions. But when both sides have valid concerns, improving communication is the most effective way to accommodate conflicting priorities. Unfortunately, midsize enterprises (MSE’s) struggle with business engagement, citing ineffectual […]

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Cost Optimization Means Spending on the Right Things

by Vivek Swaminathan  |  July 5, 2019

contributed by Neil Suri, Gartner for Midsize Enterprises Too often, CIOs at midsize enterprises (MSEs) tackle cost optimization by cutting costs or creatively shifting IT spend. While these tactics indeed reduce short-term IT costs, they fall short of creating long-term business value. Delaying projects, restructuring contracts, and hiring freezes only go so far. In addition, technology […]

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Stop Asking for More Resources. Rethink Talent Instead.

by Vivek Swaminathan  |  June 24, 2019

Contributed by  Lara Beecher, Gartner for Midsize Enterprises Midsize enterprises (MSEs) are experiencing a surge in digital demand, without a corresponding expansion of IT resource capacity to support it. In fact, 43% of midsize enterprise CIOs indicated insufficient resources as a barrier to meeting business objectives. Coupled with a conservative forecast for budget and staff […]

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Don’t Tackle Data Privacy Alone

by Vivek Swaminathan  |  May 14, 2019

Contributed by  Bishwa Pandey, Gartner for Midsize Enterprises Transparency around data privacy is not optional. A year after GDPR became a law, ten other countries strengthened data privacy legislation to increase protection of employee and customer data. With 58% of cyber-attacks targeting Midsize Enterprises (MSEs) and the average cost of a data breach rising to […]

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Midsize IT Teams Can’t Deliver Digital Outcomes without Business Acumen

by Vivek Swaminathan  |  April 23, 2019

Contributed by  Cameron Gilbert, Gartner for Midsize Enterprises Business acumen is the awareness of the broader internal and external business context. Employees with high levels of business acumen are up to 21% more likely to deliver value from digital initiatives compared to those with low levels. (Gartner 2018 Digital Dexterity Survey). Unfortunately, only 18% of […]

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