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Gartner Analysts on Twitter (updated list)

by Vassil Mladjov  |  August 9, 2013  |  3 Comments

Here is an updated list of Gartner Analysts on twitter. You can simple go to the list on twitter and follow analysts there faster too

I need to thank  Jonah Kowall  Jonah Kowall since I used his list for the updates here and my twitter list.

Research Director at Gartner focusing on Social and Collaboration. ex-Founder of Sharetronix, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist. These are my personal tweets!


  2. Principal Research Analyst learning the ropes at Gartner (@Gartner_Inc) watching the ITSSM space. Semi-sensible tweets here. Less of that on @riChchestMat.

  3. Business writer. Helps people get big, complex ideas out of their heads and onto the page. Crossing borders&connecting dots. Cities/systems/exploring/running


  5. Privacy, technology, & a journey into the world of identity management. Jersey Girl.

  6. Gartner analyst and myself.

  7. Strategy, Marketing, Thought Leadership, ENTP. Or as his daughter describes it: my daddy sits in airplanes, stands on stages and tells jokes

    Michael Shanler  Michael Shanler ‏ @MichaelShanler

  8. Gartner IT Analyst- R&D innovation, collaboration, informatics. Husband/Dad, & quasi-futurist,-traveler,-foodie,& -car guy. My tweets are (fortunately) my own.
  9. Service Management geek

  10. Father to awesome son. Husband to hot wife. Believer in loving God. Research Director & all around nerd at Gartner. Tweets are my own.

  11. Zarko Sumic  Zarko Sumic ‏ @ZarkoSumic

    VP Distinguished Analyst @Gartner E&U IAS where I provide innovative strategic and operational advice to energy clients on IT, OT and Energy Technologies

  12. Program mgmt professional; Portfolio mgmt, IT enterprise architecture. See Sail the Chesapeake. Collie dog. Go Army!

  13. Gartner Research Analyst fascinated with IT Service Management


  15. ALM industry analyst, husband, father, chef, golf hack, fly fisher, audiophile

  16. Gartner analyst, but these are my opinions and ideas.

  17. Andrew Neff is a Gartner Research VP and Invest analyst in the Technology and Service Provider group. Mr. Neff covers the IT hardware sector

  18. Research Director at Gartner. Leading private cloud research in the GTP team. Advising Fortune orgs’ enterprise architecture teams and SW vendors’ CTO offices.

  19. Gartner is constantly expanding and provides opportunities for career development and advancement in our offices around the world.

  20. I’m a managing vice president in research at Gartner

  21. geek, gamer, Gartner analyst, IT practitioner 10+yrs, product marketer 7+yrs, silly 30+ years !views expressed are my own!

  22. Former astrophysicist turned Gartner Analyst – interested in business process management(BPM), enterprise software especially SAP and social media.

  23. Gartner VP Research, Analytics, Info Innovation & Big Data | Originator, discipline of Infonomics | Competitive tennis & non-competitive golf.

  24. Gartner analyst covering enterprise mobility management.

  25. A technology analyst with Gartner tracking Data Center Infrastructure & Operations, Cloud Computing and Big Data. Views are personal. RTs are not endorsements.

  26. Author, researcher, Gartner analyst, exec coach.

  27. Gartner Research Analyst covering the Service Desk space

  28. Analyst at Gartner 17 years. Love helping businesses use technology securely. Backgound is engineering (BSEE) + MBA.

  29. Energy & Utilities Analyst @ Gartner, covering smart grid apps – DMS, GIS, EMS, SCADA, and more…

  30. Research Director for Gartner Inc. (EMEA) in the Security, Privacy & Risk team, covering network infrastructure protection.

  31. I’m an Research VP at Gartner. I care about open source, simplifying technology and the way IT is changing the world and how the world is changing IT.

  32. Technology, thought leadership, partner and solutions. And some humor.

  33. IT industry analyst at Gartner, with focus on Data Integration, Data Quality, Information Mgt Strategy & Information Governance

  34. VP and Distinguished Analyst, Gartner Insurance Industry Advisory Service Chief of Research, Gartner Industries

  35. Gartner Inc. thought-leader, analyst and advisor covering manufacturng industry IT markets and disruptive, emerging technology trends.

  36. Research VP in Gartner’s identity & access management (IAM) team, focusing on authentication technologies & IAM program management. Do not confuse ŵ @antallan.

  37. Server analyst with Gartner focused on x86, IA-64, and RISC architecture and performance.


  39. Physics & quant finance nerd turned tech geek @Gartner Calendar:

  40. Team Manager in Gartner Technical Professionals Research: Cloud, Data Center, Mobility, Tech Planner & Wireless

  41. Business Process Management and Part Time Artist


  43. Watching the impact of technology on our lives and our privacy. You might also find me in my garden or cooking. I also take an occasional picture or two.

  44. Chief of Research @ Gartner. Covering Cloud and Data Centers. Sports fan, gym rat, husband, father of 3, disciple of Christ

  45. Consumer devices analyst @ Gartner, mum & time juggler

  46. Analyst with Gartner Inc. covering social media and enterprise value.


  48. Gartner analyst covering Cloud Computing and Cloud/Communication Service Provider (CSP) strategies, but these are my opinions (and re-tweets of others).


  50. Gartner analyst etc

  51. Research Director at Gartner responsible for the anti-malware, web gateway and anti-spam markets.

  52. John Enck is a Managing Vice President at the research firm Gartner where he leads a worldwide team of analysts covering IT operations management issues.


  54. Gartner #scrm analyst – former IBMer, Marist grad, milkshake and gummyworm addict – but I speak only on behalf of myself.

  55. Research Director for Gartner IAS tracking the IT markets and trends impacting the broad based retail merchandising and planning areas.

  56. Gartner Research Director, Cloud and Data Center; Father and Husband, living a Christian life; tweets my own

  57. Gartner Inv analyst. Social Media. SaaS. Enterprise software. Cloud. Gadget collector. Opinions are my own.

  58. Gartner Research Analyst following the IT Service Desk space- people, processes, and technologies.

  59. Business Intelligence and Performance Management thought leader; independent analyst; strategy advisor, author, former Gartner Research Fellow

  60. Producer, playwright, analyst, mountaineer, kayaker, CIO, philosopher. “I want to work in revelations, not just spin silly tales for money” – Kerouac.


  62. VP, Distinguished Analyst – Gartner Global Sales Strategies & Channel Innovation (Opinions are my own)

  63. Research Director at Gartner covering social media, video games, mobile apps & devices, computer graphics, software dev, UI’s, personal cloud & VR. Loves sushi.

  64. Industry analyst, marketing strategist, working mom, speaking only on behalf of myself.

  65. Security analyst at Gartner

  66. Healthcare interop believer, digital photog for fun, grandfather of two




  70. Gartner Senior Healthcare Analyst, focusing on healthcare technology in the North American Market. Focus on cloud, mobility, social media & big data.

  71. Industry Analyst at Gartner, covering Digital Marketing

  72. #Gartner Research Director. Visible Ops co-author, #ITIL Expert, #TOCICO Jonah, #CISA, Interests: Management, quality, human error, and governance.

  73. Mark is the co-author of The Social Organization and the eProcess Edge. His interest is in tech leadership and re-imagining IT

  74. VP – Services Strategy

  75. Gartner Analyst – EMEA Software Market Dynamics, and Worldwide Application Infrastructure and Middleware market trends

  76. an infrastructure software guy

  77. Toby is EVP at Litera. Was Gartner VP. His focus is enterprise software, reputation management, and content risk management. Loves logic, analytics, and sailing


  79. Marketer in progress and senior analyst with Gartner studying the intersection of consumer demand and technology. My opinions are my own.

  80. Research VP at Gartner. Virtualization and cloud guy by day, husband and father by night. I’m often offensive and occasionally funny. Follow at your own peril.


  82. In-depth, IT research and advisory services to executives and technologists


  84. Gartner financial services analyst tweeting mostly about industry data, system modernization, community networks, cloud, & standards. Speaking for myself here.

  85. Gartner VP and analyst, cloud computing and virtualization, Sandy Hook Promise in my free time, and in my heart.

  86. Gartner analyst focusing on understanding the technology retailers use and the vendors that make and sell it. Amateur photographer focusing on Live Oak sports.

  87. I am an Ironist currently working as an IT analyst at Gartner


  89. Gartner Analyst – DBMS / Photographer / Very Frequent Traveler

  90. Cloud, DevOps, Web-scale IT, IT complexity and general non-conventional thinking.

  91. I am an analyst for IT Services Sourcing at Gartner. Previously I worked for many years in many positions at HP.

  92. IT professional and strategist for all things social, collaboration and communications.

  93. Research VP at Gartner, covering cloud computing, hosting, data centers, content delivery networks, and Internet infrastructure.

  94. Research Director, Web and Cloud Technologies, Gartner Research

  95. Gartner analyst covering emerging trends and technologies, and author of Mastering the Hype Cycle book about innovation management

  96. Analyst at Gartner, former EU official, proud father and music fan. Opinions expressed here are personal, and do not represent the views of my employer

  97. Business and technology analyst at Gartner, specializing in CEO research. Co-author of ‘Mastering the Hype Cycle’

  98. Gartner banking industry analyst: digital, mobile, online & social banking. I speak for myself; lots abt work-related topics.

  99. Street smart agent of change

  100. Born on a Sunday

  101. Gartner Analyst on Content, Collab & Social. Love Findability, Taxonomy & Text Analytics. Personal opinions and tweets only. Seeking answers for me and others.


  103. Gartner analyst and manager, German Shepherd nut, Mac advocate, computer ninja, and closet urban planning geek

  104. Gartner Research Director covering real-time communications and collaboration technologies.

  105. Principal Analyst, Gartner

  106. Gartner Research Director, network security specialist, Mac/iPhone s/w developer, tech writer and gadget-loving technology freak living in the south of France

  107. President, COO and Head of Research with@NSSLabs, network security specialist, Mac/iPhone s/w developer and gadget-loving golf-playing technology freak

  108. Gartner is the leading global provider of independent and objective technology related research and advice.

  109. Ombudsman, Gartner

  110. IT Analyst

  111. IT Analyst. Registered Libertarian. Catholic. Father of 2 boys and husband to awesome wife. My tweets are my own and I only follow actual people.

  112. Industry analyst at Gartner following unified communications and contact center. Devoted father of one and hubby to my wonderful Rosa.

  113. IT Industry Analyst @ Gartner. Focus areas include competitive positioning, COO/TCO, price/performance for servers, storage, services & cloud.

  114. PR director at Gartner (Asia Pacific). Hiker, treechanger, amateur linguist, incompetent gardener, childfree. I blog about life in Tasmania’s Huon Valley.

  115. IT industry analyst at Gartner, covering content management, productivity suites, and SaaS solutions (e.g., Google Apps, BPOS, Office 365).

  116. Executive Partner at Gartner – supporting, mentoring & coaching global CIOs to be their best. Also iPad geek and mobile gadget guy.

  117. Gartner Analyst, Canon Photographer, Studio Keyboarder, Music Producer, World Traveler, Rookie Cartoonist.

  118. All-weather Brompton commuter and Seven road rider. GVP Corporate Communications at Gartner. Views are my own.

  119. IT Analyst – Opinions expressed here are my own

  120. Gartner tech analyst. Dad, Skier, Cyclist.

  121. Customer advocate & developer evangelist@engineyard. Previously cloud, PaaS analyst at Gartner. Dad, long time hacker (think ZX Spectrum), and rugby geek.

  122. Industry analyst researching social networks

  123. Active follower of the consumer electronics industry for over 20 years.

  124. Gartner analyst writing about enterprise social software, collaborative technologies, search, and open source

  125. Gartner Research VP, Customer Strategies. Covering Cloud Apps, Social CRM, and any technology that improves the lives of customers.

  126. Gartner analyst – all things Data Center, Green IT, design

  127. Technology Analyst; Social and Bio sciences background

  128. Analyst, Conference Chair, Long time Computer Geek, Black Belt, Foodie, Gamer

  129. Information security: SIEM/logs, vulnerability management, PCI DSS compliance, DoS defense, DLP … now at Gartner, Inc!

  130. IT Industry analyst with Gartner – DBMSs, Hadoop, Big Data, NoSQL. Guitarist, husband, dad, dog lover.

  131. An avid horse rider and security geek living in the Sierras

  132. Gartner Analyst – IT Ops Mgmt – Availability and Performance Monitoring, ECA, APM, NPM. bg : Data Center, CDN, App Dev, InfoSec, Storage, DB – I Follow All Back

  133. Another face in the crowd

  134. industry analyst and sporadic twitter user

  135. Gartner analyst, but these are my opinions and ideas. Sometimes tweet in Dutch and bad French.

  136. Research VP @ Gartner – identity management, privacy, food, cocktails, and misc. amusing topics

  137. 35 year IT industry veteran. Currently Managing Vice President with Gartner, managing all Web-related and cloud computing research.

  138. analyst at Gartner

  139. Research Director, Web Services, Gartner Inc


  141. Risk Management analyst at Gartner. Married, four grown kids. Retired submariner.

  142. Product Management at SuccessFactors, an SAP company. Curious about software. Cyclist and cricket fan.

  143. I am: geek, agitator | into: biz, tech, nyc | speak: only for myself | work: gartner | cbo

  144. Allen Weiner  Allen Weiner ‏ @allenweiner Technology analyst, devoted husband and father. All opinions are my own–add grains of salt as needed. Combo life–AZ &Austin
  145. SVP & Global Head of Research at Gartner, curious traveller & wine lover



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Thoughts on Gartner Analysts on Twitter (updated list)

  1. Great list and thank you for creating and maintaining it. One thing that would really help would be an area of focus for each of the people listed above. For example, I care about topics related to Enterprise, Application Architecture, Mobility, Big Data, etc. and would like to target and follow people in that space and not everyone else.


  2. Maybe another thing that would be very helpful would to be create a Twitter List with all these people and so people can subscribe to the list and get all the people.

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