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Is the Time Right for Social Software and Social Media Companies to Open Physical Social Shops?

by Vassil Mladjov  |  July 24, 2013

  We have all seen the rapid growth over the last few months of mini in-stores by vendors like Samsung, Apple, Google, and now Microsoft inside Best-Buy.  Why are vendors opening these mini in-stores, don’t they have enough shelf space? The problem is that the space for personal electronics and computers is very saturated, and […]

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Live from e2conf in Boston

by Vassil Mladjov  |  July 2, 2013

Hi, this is Vassil Mladjov. I am a Research Director at Gartner, focusing on Social and Collaboration software. I wanted to introduce myself with this video blog and tell you a bit about what I will be covering and focusing in the future. Plese feel free to follow me here or on twitter @vassko or check myLinkedin […]

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