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Shifting MQ from ADLM to Enterprise Agile

By Thomas Murphy | July 21, 2016 | 0 Comments

We have decided this year to retire our ADLM MQ and focus on a new MQ for Agile planning and execution tools.  We have done this for the following reasons

  1. Shifts in market due to DevOps
  2. A continued need of our clients to evaluate the components of ADLM and DevOps toolchain rather than an integrated whole
  3. We have created Market Guides to cover the main functions of ADLM: Requirements Management, SCCM, Test/Quality Management. Leaving only the planning and management of work items thus

The Magic Quadrant for Agile Planningwhich,  we have kicked off and plan to deliver by the end of year.  We are currently finalizing the criteria and weighting and our use case definitions. We are looking at five use cases currently:

  1. Mode 1 Large Scale Agile – waterfall replacement
  2. Mode 2 – Digital business
  3. Product Development
  4. Regulated Business
  5. Outsourced Development

Our focus as a whole are tools that can scale to support these enterprise use cases and which play into a DevOps pipeline to provide the needed planning, collaboration, and insight to flow that enables continuous delivery.

We will continue to expand our DevOps pipeline coverage as we seek to provide for the needs of our clients. 

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