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Updating Requirements Market Guide

By Thomas Murphy | March 23, 2016 | 2 Comments


I have started the update to the Market Guide for Requirements Definition and Management.  The goal is to publish by the end of April as I will hopefully start a new MQ (watch this space) soon.  The Market has stayed relatively consistent since the last market guide was published though there are some recent and proposed acquisitions including today’s announcement that Micro Focus will acquire Serena.  The other main inflection has been Gartner’s definition of BiModal IT which plays directly against the idea of how requirements are treated. 

We are near completion of our Critical Capabilities for Software Test Automation that is a companion to the recently published MQ. This work was lead by Joachim Herschmann. Marissa Sobejana has also worked to update our Market Guide for Mobile Testing.

Requirements management has always been a challenging market. Everyone knows we need to do better but often the default of using Office to “manage” them still prevails. We have seen steady growth in adoption of better tools and practices and there is a nice variety of products available to fit varying user needs.  This research covers around 25 vendors and is a key piece of our evolving coverage of the ADLM tools market and the development of a DevOps toolchain.

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  • Tom, this is great news. We have seen a lot of change in the market over the past few months. When you say ‘a new MQ (watch this space)’ are you thinking an RM MQ? or something broader?

  • We are not doing an RM MQ. Essentially we have “deconstructed” the ADLM MQ into the components via Market Guide: RM, QM, SCCM. The MQ will fill the “missing gap” and I expect a set of docs along with David Williams to expand on our note about the DevOps Toolchain