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Mobile Ready Part 2 – don’t let your career be damaged by “photos”

By Thomas Murphy | February 13, 2015 | 2 Comments

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I wrote last month about Browser Compatibility Testing and this continue to be a growing area of interest.  In that post I discussed the Google Mobile-Friendly Test which is a handy quick way to check is my page “mobile-friendly”.  Another new tool to the market take a different approach to this problem (building in a similar way to some of the cross browser testing tools) by actually rendering sites on various devices popular devices and then reporting back here is what the full page looks like on this device.  Note that it is the full page, not just the current screen of info you see and this rendering occurs by using the actual devices.  As noted before Gartner does not fare well in being mobile ready as noted by Google.  However, ivity labs makes visual how Gartner isn’t so great in this perspective .  While I had already seen issues here from Google’s check  it was when the demo shifted to looking at sites that in some cases Mobile Friendly gave the all clear too, that the world became more…oh crap, we need to fix this.  I won’t name sites but these were very consumer oriented, brand and image conscious.  My only thought was that some companies are calculating that for mobile experience we are still just using the “app” rather than the website or that using “code checking analysis” we feel comfortable that everything is good.  Static analysis and use of emulators won’t get the job done.  If your role is in AD, UX, CX, I would suggest that you get a real visual view of your site on real devices, before your CMO gets a lead generation email with pictures.    This will be a dynamic market of providers and features keep yourself in the loop about the latest tools that will help you be the hero, not the heel.

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  • Michelle says:

    Hi Thomas, Do you proof-read your posts? Potential clients will, no doubt, peruse this blog prior to subscribing and paying for Gartner Services. Are the quality of these posts an indication of the quality one should expect from a paid-for service?

  • Martha says:

    Created the greatest areltics, you have.