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Magic Quadrant for Integrated Software Quality Suites

By Thomas Murphy | January 31, 2011 | 2 Comments


We published the updated MQ for Integrated Software Quality Suites today (see ) after several months of work with vendors, users, and community review.  This document focuses on vendors who provide (or are working to provide) a complete set of tools for primarily driving the software testing process including test case management, defect management, functional automation, and load/stress testing.  The testing tool market continues to be dynamic with many new entrants each year.  Most of these are new solutions for a specific area: functional automation, device testing, bug tracking but there are also new players entering the market each year going after more comprehensive solutions. 

Software testing continues to be hard, costly, and embattled to explain why it is both of these.  It is hard to measure the ROI of testing.  However, we will next turn our attention to the ALM market which plays a key element into Quality because “Quality can’t be tested in” some of the players in that document will match this but just as their is growth in quality and testing tools, the ALM market is exploding and our biggest challenge will be focusing in on a reasonable subset of these products.  It is great that options are expanding, this means better pricing, improving functionality, and support for a wider variety of technologies.  It also means that a decision isn’t as simple as picking from a grid.  So if you read the research and have questions about how to apply it to your needs, give me a call.

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  • Israel Brill says:

    Our products are Oracle based and I was pleasantly surprized, I hope, by the placement of Oracle amongst the Leaders.
    I could not find what Oracle product may help with functional testing or quality support,at least for Oracle based products.
    I am writing to you if you can point me as to which tools/products specifically you consider from Oracle.

  • Ah, as we note Oracle has solid tools, because of the customer base a natural channel but the testing tools are hidden to the world. Some of Oracle’s testing story is associated with the core DB but the majority with the Enterprise Manager set of products. Here are some places to take a view: