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The Cool Vendors for Tech Marketing and Sales Enablement Leaders?

By Todd Berkowitz | April 20, 2016 | 0 Comments

Cool Vendors

It’s that time of year again. Do I mean the Spring, where we can put away your winter coats (unless like me you spent last weekend shoveling heavy, wet snow)? No. Do I mean the time of year when I start blogging regularly again? Perhaps, but not the answer I was looking for. I’m talking about Cool Vendors of course, our annual look at providers that have cool technologies, use cases and business models.

Look we all have different definitions of what is cool. I happen to think my dog looks cool wearing these sunglasses (see below), but you may have a different definition.

My dog Annie wearing pink sunglasses
My very cool dog Annie wearing pink sunglasses

But we do have an official definition here at Gartner. Yesterday, the Cool Vendors in Tech Go-to-Market was published and last week Cool Vendors in Data-Driven Marketing was published. For the former, I co-authored the report with Jim Hare, Ilona Hansen and in the latter, I worked with Marty Kihn. I want to highlight the five vendors from Tech Go-to-Market report and two from the Data-Driven Marketing Report.

As we work with our technology and service provider clients, particularly those in demand generation, product marketing and sales enablement, it’s become increasingly clear over the last year that people are stepping up their game. Providers are doing a better job in responding to the changing B2B technology buying cycle and the higher expectation that buyers (both prospects and customers alike) have when they look to make a purchase. Some of this involves process and training improvement, improved messaging and positioning. But there is also a technology element, particularly as it relates to things like data, analytics, content, targeting, personalization and engagement (a topic I discuss in an interview with CMS Wire). And clients are increasingly leveraging the latest tools that allow them to make better, smarter decisions. I’ve highlighted seven companies (five from Tech Go-to-Market and two from Data-Driven Marketing) that provide solutions that help providers be more effective in how they market, sell and partner.

Cool Vendors in Tech Go-to-Market (A majority or significant share of their business comes from technology and service providers)

  • Datanyze ( The company provides a range of solutions, but we thought they were cool because they can track when a particular piece of SaaS or mobile software (say from a competitor) is added and fire off alerts letting marketers, SDRs or sales reps know that it happened. Really helpful for seeing which companies are in market and engaging with them.
  • Demandbase ( Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is all the rage and Demandbase provides an important element of the activation and execution side through their cool IP-based advertising and personalization solutions. This allows marketers to personalize ads, content, activities and offers to specific companies, at both the account and segment level.
  • Leadspace ( Leadspace is a player in the Predictive Sales and B2B Marketing Analytics space and helps SDRs, sales reps and marketers generate demand, enrich and prioritize accounts/leads from companies with a higher propensity to buy. They have a very cool virtual data management platform that drives their models and recommendations.
  • SalesLoft– As providers increase their utilization of SDRs for both inbound qualification and outbound prospecting, tools like Salesloft help make them more productive and effective in their efforts. Their suite of templates, an integrated dialer and real-time analytics are a lot cooler for SDRs than the old way of working. And they work much better.
  • Showpad- While there a lot of players providing cool solutions to help providers better manage the content they use to enable sales reps and send to prospects, ShowPad also helps providers do this for their indirect channel as well. Partners get to benefit from easy access to content and training and the providers can deepen their engagement and see what’s working.

Cool Vendors in Data-Driven Marketing (They sell to a wide range of business, but these two have large technology provider customer bases as well)

  • Everstring ( – One of the newer entrants to the Predictive Sales and B2B Marketing Analytics space, Everstring quickly delivers cool predictive demand generation and scoring models. They are also making a big leap into the ABM space to help marketers more intelligently select accounts to target in their programs.
  • Radius ( Radius also plays in the predictive market with Everstring and Leadspace, but we thought their coolest capability was around predictive segmentation and go-to-market. For providers that sell to SMBs, they can quickly help them determine total available market, create attractive segments and identify accounts to target.

Keep an eye on our research moving forward as we continue to highlight the trends, the process changes and the tools that providers are using to make them smarter and more effective when it comes to sales, marketing and partnering. And don’t forget to join me, Jim, Hank Barnes and many other Gartner analysts at our inaugural Tech Growth and Innovation Conference (June 6th-8th in Los Angeles) an event specifically designed for technology and service providers. I’ll be talking about a lot of what I covered in these two notes during my presentations and workshops. To register or get more information, click here.

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