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Getting Full Value out of Third-Party Content Licensing

by Todd Berkowitz  |  September 14, 2016

In our research, and through the Gartner Blog Network, we’ve often talked about the importance of third-party content. Buyers don’t trust vendors, and they often feel that claims they hear are exaggerated, and the content they read is fluffy and lacks value. With the exception of case studies (and in some cases demos), third-party content […]

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The Predictive B2B Sales and Marketing Landscape Continues to Evolve

by Todd Berkowitz  |  September 8, 2016

The NFL season starts tonight and my Denver Broncos (the defending Super Bowl Champions!!) have a rematch with the team they vanquished in Super Bowl 50, the Carolina Panthers. I haven’t seen the Swami’s predictions for the game (not even sure Chris Berman even does predictions these days), but I can predict with a high […]

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