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Attention AR Professionals: Looking for Case Studies for Upcoming Research

By Todd Berkowitz | November 25, 2013 | 1 Comment

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No obscure movie GIF for today’s post since it’s short and to the point. To all of you who work in analyst relations or marketing, hoping you can help me identify some companies to interview (and hopefully feature) in some upcoming research I am writing. Here are the details:

  • Marketing to Customers- Many technology and services providers focus their marketing efforts on acquiring new customers rather than their installed base. My research note will focus on the importance of marketing to existing customers, not only for selling additional/premium products and services, but also for retention and customer advocacy. If your company (or client) does a really good job with this (and ideally has dedicated teams responsible for customer marketing), I’d love to talk to them.
  • Customer Data and Analytics for Segmentation and Offer Creation (B2B only)- B2C marketers have long used customer data and analytics for advanced segmentation and creating attractively-priced offers to serve those segments, but it’s less common in B2B marketing. If your company (or client) has some examples of how they have used data and tools in this way, either for prospects or post-sale, I’d also love to talk to them. Looking to speak with companies in technology, manufacturing and financial services that market to other businesses.

I’d like to include case studies from across the globe, so feel free to e-mail me at or reach me on Twittter via @toddberkowitz.

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1 Comment

  • Kevin Foley says:

    Dear Todd,
    We are a new client of Gartner – a small company competing in the medical claims data analytics field. Our approach is to help employer groups better design, manage and monitor their employee health plans. We have aligned our software service to support value based plan designs that are created to encourage members to be more accountable for their own health especially when managing chronic conditions.
    Our primary sale targets are healthcare insurance brokers and consultants that work directly with employer groups, both self funded and fully insured. Our growth comes from obviously new business but also from our existing customers since each of their sales persons in essence is selling our analytics system when they bring on new employer groups. So it is important that we do a lot of sales support, product enhancements and internal marketing to our existing customers to get the growth we anticipate. I would be pleased to talk further if you believe we could be of value to your research.

    Kevin M. Foley