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Todd Berkowitz
Research Vice President
3 years at Gartner
18 years IT Industry

Todd Berkowitz is a Research Vice President focusing on B2B technology marketing and sales. He advises product marketing leaders, CMOs and sales enablement leaders on how to improve the effectiveness of their demand generation, sales enablement, account-based marketing and upsell/cross-sell efforts. He also looks at how data, analytics, content and tools can improve marketing-sales alignment and overall effectiveness.. Read Full Bio

Outsourcing Your SDR function is a Bad Idea

by Todd Berkowitz  |  July 18, 2017

I’m probably going to take some heat for this statement. And I’m sure there are many examples for where the approach has been successful. But I will restate the view that I share with clients. If you are trying to sell into enterprises in North America, do not outsource the SDR function. Full stop. Why […]

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Intent Data is Great. Except When it Isn’t.

by Todd Berkowitz  |  June 15, 2017

Over the last few months, I’ve had a lot of clients bring up the topic of intent data. It’s gotten a lot of publicity and vendors are continually gathering new intent signals and creating new intent models, often through artificial intelligence techniques.  But as we get into Hype Cycle season, I thought it would be […]

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Three Sessions You Don’t Want to Miss at the Gartner Tech Growth and Innovation Conference

by Todd Berkowitz  |  May 31, 2017

We’re less than three weeks away from the Gartner Tech Growth and Innovation Conference. This is our only event specifically geared for technology and service providers (TSPs) and we have a great agenda lined up. If you are a Gartner client (or not a client) and want to hear about how to improve go-t0-market strategies […]

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Cool Vendors In Tech Go-to-Market, 2017

by Todd Berkowitz  |  May 1, 2017

It’s that time of year again! Cool Vendor reports are being released on a near-daily basis. For the third year in a row, my colleagues and I on the Tech Go-to-Market team at Gartner (and some of our friends), have highlighted a selection of SaaS vendors that help improve go-to-market effectiveness for technology and service […]

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Hot off the Presses: New Gartner ABM Research

by Todd Berkowitz  |  April 24, 2017

Gartner Account-Based Marketing Framework I’ve been ignoring this blog for the past couple of months, but I promise that I have a really good reason! Julian Poulter and I have been hard at work creating a five-part series of research around account-based marketing (ABM). It’s designed for technology and service providers (TSPs) that are considering, […]

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The Slow, Necessary Death of the MQL

by Todd Berkowitz  |  February 1, 2017

A lot of research notes and blog posts have been written over the years about the impending death of a particular technology or methodology or approach. And to paraphrase Mark Twain (or what was attributed to him), the rumors of these deaths have been greatly exaggerated. But when it comes to the marketing-qualified lead (or […]

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Overcoming the Sunk Cost Fallacy When Selling Applications

by Todd Berkowitz  |  January 18, 2017

I’ve been reading Michael Lewis’ great new book, The Undoing Project. Like everything else he has written, it is a joy to read and you get deep insight into the main subjects that he is profiling. But ever since I got exposed to behavioral psychology and economics in graduate school, I’ve really been fascinated by the topic. The […]

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Why Tech SDRs Should Report Into Marketing

by Todd Berkowitz  |  January 6, 2017

Happy New Year everyone. Hope that you all had a good Q4s and were able to enjoy some time off as well. My 2017 predictions blog post generated a lot of discussion on Twitter and LinkedIn over the last two weeks. I expected some pushback around the death of the MQL, but surprisingly that didn’t materialize. […]

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10 Fearless Predictions for B2B Tech Sales and Marketing in 2017

by Todd Berkowitz  |  December 20, 2016

The work year is winding down and it’s a good time to take stock of what we’ve learned, and make some predictions for next year. This year, I did inquiries and visits with about 500 different technology and service providers, did another 50 or so 1 on 1s at events and took around briefings from around 60 […]

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You Don’t Have to Fully Embrace ABM to Reap Some of the Benefits

by Todd Berkowitz  |  December 13, 2016

Account-Based Marketing (or ABM for short) is all the rage these days. It comes up in more than half of my inquiries as of late and it’s certainly on the radar for 2017 for many more clients. Julian Poulter and I will be publishing several detailed notes in Q1 featuring best practices and real-world results […]

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