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Thomas J. Bittman
VP Distinguished Analyst
20 years at Gartner
31 years IT industry

Thomas Bittman is a vice president and distinguished analyst with Gartner Research. Mr. Bittman has led the industry in areas such as private cloud computing and virtualization. Mr. Bittman invented the term "real-time infrastructure," which has been adopted by major vendors and many… Read Full Bio

Going Laptopless

by Tom Bittman  |  April 5, 2011

I’m a knowledge worker. I’m in Copenhagen, on business. My laptop is in Connecticut. And I’m OK with that. Now let me preface this by saying as an analyst, I don’t cover client computing, or PCs or tablet computers. I’m writing this as Joe Knowledge Worker. Even so, I’m going to avoid using product brand […]

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The End of Server Growth?

by Tom Bittman  |  February 11, 2011

Will virtualization, multicore, and cloud computing trends send x86 architecture server and processor volumes down for the next decade? It certainly is a realistic scenario – and perhaps the most likely. At Gartner, we spend a lot of time trying to understand future scenarios, the likelihood of each, indicators that a scenario is likely to […]

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Embracing the Blur

by Tom Bittman  |  February 9, 2011

We’re having an interesting discussion inside of Gartner (due credit to Neil MacDonald, Lydia Leong, Cameron Haight and David Cearley for the ideas in this post – I hope they post further on this). The concepts here aren’t new. For example, in 2004, I talked about “the walls coming down” between business, the data center […]

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Economies of Fail

by Tom Bittman  |  December 7, 2010

Interesting discussions here at Gartner’s Data Center Conference in Las Vegas. While discussing the importance of economies of scale to cloud providers, I pointed out that economies of scale is a double-edged sword. While enterprises tend to have many (often hundreds, or even thousands) IT services that they provide, cloud providers tend to have only […]

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Virtualization Then & Now: Symposium 2009-2010

by Tom Bittman  |  October 18, 2010

My first presentation at Symposium 2010 was “Server Virtualization: From Virtual Machines to Private Clouds.” Attendance was crazy – the large room was packed, people were standing at the back, and apparently a few dozen were turned away at the door. This proves that server virtualization is not only a hot topic, it’s getting hotter […]

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The Buzz at Gartner’s Symposium 2010: Cloud!

by Tom Bittman  |  October 18, 2010

Gartner’s Symposium this year is a blow-out – more than 7,500 attendees, and more than 1,600 CIOs. That means a very busy week of presentations and one-on-ones. As an analyst, what I always find interesting is “the buzz”. You get a real good sense of what’s hot based on one-on-one load, and one-on-one topics. I […]

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IT Operations: From Day-Care to University

by Tom Bittman  |  May 24, 2010

After spending the day discussing IT operations, here are some musings on the future of IT ops. Traditionally, IT ops has been responsible for managing operationally "dumb" applications. These legacy applications are like infants – they need constant care and feeding. They can’t take care of themselves, and they rely entirely on others to survive. […]

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Clarifying Private Cloud Computing

by Tom Bittman  |  May 18, 2010

I continue to talk with clients who understand the concept of private cloud computing, they think they know it when they see it, but they can’t quite explain it in words. A year ago I described The Spectrum of Private to Public Cloud Services, but I didn’t put that in the form of a definition. […]

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Polling Data on Public/Private Cloud Computing

by Tom Bittman  |  April 21, 2010

I’ve been looking for an excuse to use this cartoon – I finally found it! I’m finishing a research note on some polls I took recently of data center executives, managers and decision-makers. Interesting results. Here’s a summary: (1) The first poll was focused on the top three concerns that data center professionals have with […]

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The Private Cloud Sandbox

by Tom Bittman  |  April 16, 2010

Private cloud computing is rapidly moving up the Gartner hype cycle. In terms of raw market hype, I think we’ll peak late this year. VMware’s “Redwood” won’t be the only announcement – every major infrastructure vendor in the planet will likely put “private cloud” in their announcements, their marketing, their product names. So before we […]

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