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Problems Encountered by 95% of Private Clouds

By Tom Bittman | February 05, 2015 | 17 Comments

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In my last blog post, I identified ten reasons private clouds were failing. I consolidated that list to six items (below), and polled attendees at Gartner’s Datacenter Conference in Las Vegas in December. I asked the question “What is going wrong with your private cloud?” I was a little surprised that 95% of the 140 respondents (who had private clouds in place) said something was wrong with their private cloud.

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  1. Focusing on the wrong benefits: Internal, bottom-line, or not putting the right metrics in place. (Usually, this is focusing on cost-savings, not agility).
  2. Doing too little: Is this really cloud? Or just virtualization? And what about the stuff running inside the VMs?
  3. Defending I&O — and doing too much: Optimizing for everything means optimizing for nothing.
  4. Failure to change the operational model: Agile clouds need agile processes — and people are your biggest supporters, or your biggest roadblocks.
  5. Failure to change the funding model: When you build a drive-thru service model, you better get paid first.
  6. Using the wrong technologies: What’s tactically right might be strategically wrong.

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