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Cloud Computing Inquiries at Gartner

By Tom Bittman | October 29, 2009 | 5 Comments


Gartner analysts answer thousands of questions daily on various IT topics, and we learn a lot about IT trends by talking to our clients. For example, for the last twelve months we answered more than 1,000 inquiries from clients specifically on the topic of cloud computing. Which end-user verticals are asking the most questions?

  1. Financial services (12%)
  2. Manufacturing (10%)
  3. Business and management services (10%)
  4. Telecommunications and equipment (9%)
  5. Government (7%)
  6. Insurance (6%)
  7. Oil, gas and electric (5%)
  8. Professional/specialized services (5%)
  9. Schools and education services (4%)
  10. Food (4%)
  11. Retail (4%)
  12. Healthcare (4%)
  13. Media (3%)
  14. Chemical and pharmaceutical (3%)
  15. Military and National Security (3%)
  16. Freight services (2%)
  17. Energy management (2%)
  18. Membership organizations (2%)
  19. Commercial physical research (1%)
  20. Other (4%)

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  • It would be nice if you also compared the Gartner client breakdown so we knew which sectors had disproportionately high (or low) inquiry rates!

  • Geva Perry says:

    My take away is that interest in cloud is pretty much across the board.

  • Tom Bittman says:

    Geva – agree – not an unusual slant toward any particular industry, not surprising that financial services is high. Breadth of interest is a data point in itself.

  • Looks pretty much like any distribution you’d see for high performance networking equipment, in general.

  • Just curious, where do hotels fit into those sectors? We have seen a lot of interest from hotels in our e-procurement/AP application, which is certainly “in the clouds.” …..