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21st Century Skills For Dummies

by Tom Bittman  |  January 30, 2009

21st century skills have been a hot topic in the world of education, and there is an overwhelming amount of 21st century skill information on the web. However, it’s not easy for every education professional to absorb what it means to them and their district. While many core skills haven’t changed, some are becoming more […]

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Will Cisco Unify Computing?

by Tom Bittman  |  January 21, 2009

Cisco’s public blog recently announced an architectural approach they call “Unified Computing”. There’s been a lot of speculation about Cisco moving into the blade server business and so forth. I think Cisco just made clear that in their view the network may be at the center of IT, but “unifying” it with computing and storage […]

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Dissecting a K-12 Technology Vision

by Tom Bittman  |  January 16, 2009

My committee has finalized a vision for our school district’s technology plan. This was an effort of about 15 people representing district staff, members of our Board of Education, teachers, students, parents, and a token technology industry analyst. I’d love feedback and comments. Let me also share some of the thinking behind the vision (some […]

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Virtual Cloud Privacy is Gray

by Tom Bittman  |  January 8, 2009

What’s private? What’s public? What’s in-between? We’ve been talking quite a bit lately at Gartner about variations of isolation in a cloud computing architecture. It’s not black and white – it’s gray (aren’t all clouds?). Private cloud computing requires that the enterprise have dedicated data centers and everything inside. Public cloud computing assumes that the […]

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Our Kids Are Pushing Us

by Tom Bittman  |  January 7, 2009

Why is virtualization important? Why is cloud computing compelling? Why is agility becoming so important in data centers? It isn’t simply about saving money – although that does help create a business case. It’s about our inevitable cultural speed shift, and it’s driven by our kids. When I was young, I wanted everything “now”. We […]

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