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Retailers Prepare to Re-Open and Early Insights From Germany

by Thomas O'Connor  |  April 27, 2020

Retailers have shifted into recovery mode as Governments start to lift lockdown conditions in certain Western Markets (see last week’s blog for a broader discussion of the 3 phases retailers will go through during the COVID-19 crisis: respond, recover and renew).  However, with lockdown approaches varying significantly from country to country and even state to […]

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The Great Retail Reset – Thinking Across Multiple Time Horizon’s as We Look Towards Our ‘Next Normal’

by Thomas O'Connor  |  April 20, 2020

For the past few weeks in this blog I’ve been focusing on the near to medium term retail response to COVID-19. How are retailers getting through this crisis? What actions are they taking? And can we gain directional insights from China post-lockdown? However, I believe it’s time to start to look further towards the future. […]

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What Will Post COVID-19 Lockdown Look Like For Retail? Early Directional Insights From China

by Thomas O'Connor  |  April 13, 2020

As talk in Western Markets starts to increase about re-opening some of our economies – Austria for example expects to have all retail stores open by May 1st – businesses are looking for insights to try and understand just how consumers might respond. To try and get a directional insight into the consumer response for […]

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Facing an Uncertain World Retailers Strive for Increased Agility

by Thomas O'Connor  |  April 6, 2020

March 2020 really was the month that the world woke up to COVID-19 as numerous countries beyond China faced down this terrible disease. Our new reality is very much setting in and for many people I speak to, whether its Chief Supply Chain Officers through my work here at Gartner or friends and family via […]

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