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What’s happening in OTT? Here is what I am seeing.

By Ted Chamberlin | February 27, 2018 | 0 Comments


As the season for media and entertainment conferences starts to rev up (NAB, Streaming Media East, PayTV show) , I wanted to share  a few thoughts on the developments that are getting the most visibility from Gartner content and media clients:


  • Short Term-I see the most interest and consequently, most development effort  focused on making sure that video playout performance on  OTT platforms can meet similar expectations as broadcast.  Technologies, protocols and codecs that help deliver low latency, low buffer rate video to multiple devices are have the highest visibility.  I see AV1, VP9 and HEVC taking the most of resources work from content providers, broadcasters, OVP platforms and CDNs to ensure delivery is quality. I do think that the SRT  Alliance has the right idea but lack the industry momentum- yet. The focus on quality is also balanced with spend management and looking for solutions that provide solid return on investment.
  • Longer term- I see the more intelligent usage for artificial intelligence, machine learning and business intelligence. The underlying technology for much of the innovation that AI brings to media and entertainment is new and enhanced video and audio content analytics technologies. These can recognize faces, natural language, tones, moods and emotions in voice, objects and scenes, separating background noise from voices. In addition, it can be combined with machine-learning algorithms applied to process and analyze customer data. My colleague Fernando Elizalde wrote a great  note about AI in the video ( requires  Gartner subscription).

Would love any thoughts or comments!

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