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Ted Chamberlin
Research VP
18 years at Gartner
23 years IT Industry

Ted Chamberlin is a research Vice President at Gartner, where he is part of the Cloud and Communications group in TSP. His research focuses on the emerging cloud and hosting communications services like IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, colocation, application hosting, streaming and video content platforms, streaming and IoT and software-defined networking. Mr. Chamberlin has experience working with all size organizations from larger multinationals to early stage startups. Read Full Bio

Should media companies fear Amazon?

by Ted Chamberlin  |  November 13, 2017

I am not sure, but their is a potential that I could win the award for the most obvious blog post title……………….. Seriously, when I start to delve in the prospects of Amazon’s potential impact in the media and entertainment space, I have two divergent ideas: Hell yes, they are a threat– Many of us […]

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Akamai Edge 2017 Conference- No homeruns but many extra base hits

by Ted Chamberlin  |  October 16, 2017

Along with my colleagues Mike Dorosh and Fernando Elizalde, I attended Akamai’s Edge user conference last week.  This is my first Edge conference so I didn’t have a ton of expectations on content, audience and presentations. Here is the scorecard: Home runs- None to report; the focus on Broadcasting, OTT and media services were solid shots […]

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SWOT for Switch Communications

by Ted Chamberlin  |  October 3, 2017

We have been fielding significant interest from our clients regarding Switch Communications and their impending IPO on NYSE.  Wanted to provide some detail around my thoughts. Would welcome feedback.

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Broadcasters and Pay TV providers; avoid these pitfalls when building a OTT Platform. Please.

by Ted Chamberlin  |  September 22, 2017

It seems that everyday a new OTT streaming platform is slated to hit the market.  Disney, Starz, Scripps, ESPN, and many more to come. Gartner sees the trend of cord shaving accelerating in the near term and cord cutting increasing among specific demographics- primarily 18-24 and 25-34 year old. I see the urgency of  subscription […]

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Peer to Peer assisted video delivery is here to stay

by Ted Chamberlin  |  September 12, 2017

Raise your hand if you cringe when you hear the term Peer to Peer…………..Yes, most of us conger up images of Napster and how interestingly innovative it was back in the mid 90s. I actually worked for Sony Music Entertainment from 92-97 and personally witnessed Peer to Peer music sharing ruin the licensing, production and […]

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What is the edge? Who defines it?

by Ted Chamberlin  |  September 7, 2017

No, not this Edge………………………   Once again, the battle for owning the architecture/marketecture and definition an supply chain of a buzzword is on. Like donkey kong.  As an analyst that covers cloud, colocation, CDN and a bit of IoT, SDN and Wan- I have a VIP seat for the battle.  The contestant are colocation, CDN, […]

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Streaming is the new cloud battle ground

by Ted Chamberlin  |  August 30, 2017

When I look at what is happening in the video/content/pay tv/cable/ OTT landscape, I am reminded of the parable of the frog and the boiling water. I know you all remember this one; if you put the frog in already boiling water, it will jump out immediately. If you put the frog in cool water and […]

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Hello world!

by John O'Leary  |  August 23, 2017

Welcome to Gartner Blog Network. Stay tuned for more developments in the Gartner Blog Network!

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