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Gartner Predicts: Digital Optimization Disrupts CRM Sales Tech

By Tad Travis | December 04, 2018 | 0 Comments

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Gartner is pleased to announce our latest version of the annual predictions note, Predicts 2019: CRM Sales Technology Will Align With Digital Optimization Objectives.  The full report is available to Gartner clients here.

In this installment, I and my colleagues on the CRM Sales research team delve into the micro and macro trends in the CRM Sales technology market.

  • Melissa Hilbert examines the accelerating acceptance of in-context personalization tools for improving sales training and coaching
  • Melissa also writes about how large sales organizations will increasingly turn to SPM technology to reduce hidden incentive compensation payouts.
  • Adnan Zijadic makes a relevant prediction about how artificial intelligence will drive inefficiencies out of the sales prospecting processes
  • I examine how application leaders are aligning sales technology roadmaps with their corporation’s digital optimization initiatives.
  • We replay a prediction from last year about how the automation of manual B2B sales processes, particularly orders and quotes, will increasingly be automated in the future.

Digital optimization, which I wrote about in Is Digital Transformation in CRM Sales Tech a Thing?  and Top CRM Sales Take-Aways from Gartner Symposium 2018, unites our report this year.

The drive to improve sales efficiency and effectiveness is now dovetailing with organizational priority for digital optimization. Optimization technologies — new technologies to transform internal processes — give application leaders for CRM the opportunity to amplify the impact of efficiency initiatives and demonstrate their business value.

This trend can be disruptive.  It requires companies to move beyond using merely CRM sales technologies as a means to improve process efficiencies. Their sales technologies will be the primary driver of process outcomes, optimizing sales process execution with capabilities that surface new insights about a customers’ level of engagement on a deal or to replace low-value tasks.

Please ping me here if you are working on this type of initiative at your company. I’d like to interview you, to understand the progress you’ve made to date on this important initiative.



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