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A New Monday Morning Litmus Test for CRM Sales

By Tad Travis | November 16, 2018 | 0 Comments

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Two years ago, I posted  my short-cut method for evaluating sales technology solutions.  Called the Monday Morning Litmus test, it had two components. From the prospect of an end-user of sales technology:

  • Does the solution tell me what to do next with this account or deal?
  • Does the application tell me something about my business that I did not already know?

This model is useful because it gets at the heart of what makes software valuable.  The value of the solution is directly proportional to the quality of insights that the system enables.

The issue I encounter too often is that many traditional sales technologies are only valuable if users enter data into the systems.  Manual data entry is the weak link in the value chain of sales execution.  If I encounter a solution that relies to much on manual data entry by sellers, then the solution is already in a difficult spot.

Fortunately, this is changing. If you have read my recent posts about digital optimization, then you are aware that application leaders now have a much expectations from their CRM Sales systems.  They want systems that increasingly digitalize sales interactions with prospects and customers. This is necessary so they can benchmark their sales execution, both in terms of seller engagement and buyer engagement.

So, the Monday Morning Litmus Test now has a third component:  Does the solution optimize the user experience, reducing the manual data entry needed from sellers, while making it easy for sellers capture the context, importance, and detail associated with a customer interaction.  

Gartner clients will be aware that we now publish two Cool Vendor reports per year in our research practice.  Many of the vendors we have covered in the last two years in the Cool Vendors report do indeed solve for this new component

Gartner clients can access the second 2018 Cool Vendor report here.  Non-clients may view a preview of the document here.


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