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Looking ahead: Gartner’s CRM Sales Research 2018

By Tad Travis | January 18, 2018 | 0 Comments

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Happy New Year everyone. Now that we are well into January, this is a good time to share thoughts and observations about the CRM Sales Research agenda for 2018.

Yesterday, we published our look-ahead analysis in the Customer Relationship Management and Customer Experience Primer for 2018. (full document available to Gartner clients only)

We believe that the market for sales technologies is in the midst of significant innovation and transformation. Algorithms and process automation are converging in ways that will permanently change how sales organizations engage with prospects and customers. It will also improve business outcomes that you can expect from your sales technology.

We call this change the Third Wave of Sales Force Automation:


Accordingly, we will research the impact of algorithms in all of our primary CRM Sales categories, including Sales Force Automation, Lead Management, CPQ, PRM, Sales Performance Management, and sales enablement.  We will examine how algorithms up-end traditional approaches to sales processes and sale execution.

We will also take a long-term look at sales technology, examining how solutions will converge. For example:

  • Sales content management vendors are partnering with sales coaching solutions
  • PRM vendors are investing in CX processes like partner journey mapping
  • Business leaders need tools that integrate Sales Performance Management and Corporate Performance Management for better demand planning and forecasting
  • CPQ tools move from back-office systems into front-office systems

Finally, we will also continue to cover the operational topics that are important to application leaders, like implementation, roadmap management, and governance best practices.

Gartner clients are invited to talk with anyone on the CRM Sales research team to review these topics.



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