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Gartner Predicts: 2018 Predictions for CRM Sales Technology

By Tad Travis | November 20, 2017 | 0 Comments

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Gartner is pleased to announce our latest version of the annual predictions note, Predicts 2018: CRM Sales Technology Evolves With New Options for Improving Sales Outcomes, available Gartner clients here.

In this installment, I and my colleagues on the CRM Sales research team delve into the micro and macro trends in the CRM Sales technology market.

  • Ilona Hansen examines the rapid growth and adoption of B2B predictive lead scoring technologies.
  • Melissa Hilbert writes about the promising future for improving sales compensation practices using sales bots.
  • Mark Lewis provides two predictions, one concerning the movement of CPQ products into the front-office product suite, and one concerning the coming automation of low-to-medium touch B2B sales transactions.
  • I examine the growth in sales enablement tool adoption, and its potential implications for sales technology spend at corporations.

We also examine a missed prediction:  2016 Prediction — By 2018, 20% of large B2B organizations will build business graphs of their processes to improve sales execution.

A business graph is a logical description of the correlations between and among discrete components of business process.  As applied to sales, the business graph is the meta data of sales execution.  It spans all of the tools that sales representatives use, be it email, SFA, CPQ, sales content, or LinkedIn.

When this data is aggregated, sales leaders gain an entirely new perspective on what their reprepsentatives do every day, and they also gain new perspective on what good sales execution looks like.

Unfortunately, Gartner estimates that far fewer large B2B organizations built the graphs than we expected. We estimate that no more than 10% of large enterprises have taken this approach across B2B.  However, at the risk of being overly self-serving, we have recently spoken with a handful of companies recently that are indeed taking this approach.  That means we are optimistic that this will indeed become a “thing” in the CRM Sales world, even if it did not arrive as early as we expected.


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