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Gartner Publishes the 2015 CRM Sales Predicts

By Tad Travis | December 01, 2015 | 0 Comments

The  2016 CRM Sales Predicts  addresses emerging technologies and trends for sales technologies that IT leaders should evaluate as they enter 2016.

Key findings in the research relate primarily to B2B selling processes and technology:

  • The vast majority of salesperson communications (emails, texts, meetings) with customers are either not documented or poorly documented, with incomplete information in sales force automation (SFA) applications.
  • B2B sales organizations with mature SFA implementations are exploring new big data and business graph technologies to improve sales execution, but the market for these sales operational monitoring providers is diffuse and nascent.
  • Channel organizations will focus on improving partner channel revenue performance through implementing commercially available partner relationship management (PRM) applications.
  • Experimental smart machine selling has the potential to become a significantly disruptive technology.

Collectively, these predicts point to the rapidly growing importance of digital technologies– mobile, portals, buying agents, and big data– to sales execution.    B2B sales is inherently an analog activity, but the trend is definitely moving towards increasing digitalization, as more and more interactions with clients and prospects occur in digital channels and as more companies rely on advanced analytics to direct their sales efforts.

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