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The AI Talent Shortage is a Myth

By Svetlana Sicular | August 28, 2020 | 0 Comments

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Everybody loves the myth about AI talent and skill shortage. Why not? This myth helps explain why someone is not ready to start and why someone else have not yet finished those AI projects. This very same myth helps vendors sell their products and services. Media likes to speak about the lack of AI skills because it understands the talent topic better than subtleties of TensorFlow.  I’ve even seen people who spread this myth altruistically, i.e. aimlessly.

Meanwhile, our 2019 AI in Organizations Survey confirmed what we see with most of our enterprise clients – those who know what they do (and why) can get the talent they need. If a project is interesting, and technologies are cool, and the life is not wasted on POCs that never reach production, the talent rushes to those organizations. And, by the way, remains there too.

Almost 70% of organizations say that AI talent is not a concernThe exciting insight from the survey is that the most advanced organizations use a balance or combination of in-house and external hiring 3.2x more than those at the lower maturity levels.  The leaders deliberately look for new ideas that come from outside. But, first of all, enterprises rely on top talent within – these are people who have already demonstrated their technical and business aptitude.  Retraining these deft and enthusiastic masters is a true AI talent show!


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