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How Enterprise Investments in AI Changed During the Pandemic

By Svetlana Sicular | July 22, 2020 | 0 Comments

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Speculations about the state of artificial intelligence in the enterprise are plentiful and inconsistent.  The COVID-19 pandemic just aggravates those speculations.  Some people say that AI helps a lot – for modeling the economy reopening, tracing contacts, coming up with the treatment and much more. Some others are saying that AI failed, because when data changes models break.

Our clients tell us that they have never been as busy as now. Our banking clients are fighting immediate problems, like fixing their fraud detection. Our healthcare and life sciences clients seem to have no weekends for the last five months. Our public sector clients are eager to establish trust with their constituents. Our manufacturing clients are looking for operational efficiencies. This list goes on, and on, and on. Many enterprises think long-term, developing their strategies for AI innovation – this is important.

We thought, maybe those who are struggling, don’t call us? My colleagues Fran Karamouzis and Erick Brethenoux got a brilliant idea to poll people at the webinar The Reset: Reexamining AI Investment Strategies, which they conducted on 26 May. To gather more data, we also asked the same questions at our virtual events in June. As a result, we very much saw what we’ve already learned from our clients: the pandemic has not hindered an overall positive outlook on AI, but rather has spurred AI investments.

49% Plan to continue our AI initiatives, 30 Will start new AI initiatives, 13% "Reset" / Redefine role of AI, 8% Do not plan on investing

As we learn more about AI and the COVID-19 pandemic, we share the findings with our clients:

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