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Stephen Prentice
VP & Gartner Fellow
13 years at Gartner
35 years IT industry

Stephen Prentice is a VP and Gartner Fellow working in the Executive Leadership and Innovation Group (part of CIO Research). He takes a specific interest in emerging trends and the long-term future of technology - looking at the intersection of technology, business and society. Current research interests include... Read Full Bio

Good Technology, Bad Technology

by Steve Prentice  |  January 15, 2010

I am currently visiting numerous clients in California en-route to a briefing tour in Asia Pacific (the point of which will become apparent shortly!). In the course of discussions the question was asked “Is their Good Technology and Bad Technology?”. I thought this was an odd question and paused momentarily. Now perhaps it was the […]

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Let the Tablet Wars Begin!

by Steve Prentice  |  January 7, 2010

So Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer includes a quick demo of a forthcoming HP Tablet “computer” in his CES opening address. Kindle announce a larger screen version of their e-Book. Alongside 3D everything, tablets look like being the form factor of the moment in Las Vegas. The opening rounds of a war, but does anyone actually care […]

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From the mouths of babes and children!

by Steve Prentice  |  December 30, 2009

The Christmas holiday season is a time when you get to meet many of the more far flung members of your family, and their offspring – it’s always an interesting period. As economists around the world are still debating the undoubted impact of Paul Samuelson, the Nobel prize winning economist who died a couple of […]

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From the Ridiculous to the Sublime

by Steve Prentice  |  December 21, 2009

I  have been pondering a lot recently on the notion of “value” and the motivations we have for investing in technology and the like. This is a subject I will likely be exploring a lot more in my research in 2010. In the meantime I have to share two examples of technology advertising that I […]

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Can Games Ever be Serious?

by Steve Prentice  |  December 8, 2009

It has been a busy year and I kind of got out of the habit of blogging, so I have resolved (in advance of the holiday season!) to try harder! I have passionate discussions with the virtual environments community about the use of the term “Serious Games”. I have lost count of the number of […]

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Living a virtual life

by Steve Prentice  |  March 11, 2009

As the parent of teenagers I oft times despair of the amount of time they spend online, on social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and the rest. I’m sure I’m not the first parent to demand they “get off the computer and get a life!”. As an analyst who has more than a passing involvement […]

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Cool and Green at CeBIT

by Steve Prentice  |  March 10, 2009

Apologies for the absence. (Note to self: Must post regularly to blog!) I was at CeBIT in Hannover last week. Apart from the fact that my feet very rapidly reminded me of why, in the past, I resolved never to go again, it was an interesting experience.  I was moderating a panel on the business […]

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3D Starts to Roll!

by Steve Prentice  |  February 18, 2009

In previous posts I have expressed my belief that 3D is going to be important this year, as gestural computing combines with improved technology (and lower costs) to bring about a far reaching revolution in the user experience.  There are news reports this morning that Microsoft is looking to acquire the Israeli startup 3DV Systems, […]

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A Monty Pythonesque Moment!

by Steve Prentice  |  February 9, 2009

I just love the Australians – they are direct and challenging, which always makes for a stimulating conversation. Yesterday, during a day of client meetings I was discussing social collaboration, innovation and the relationships between technology and society with a CIO and his team. He is a seasoned veteran who has seen it all and […]

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Negative Space

by Steve Prentice  |  February 8, 2009

As a photographer one of the things you learn early on is to think about the “negative space” – the background, the stuff that is not the focus of attention. The human brain has an amazing ability to filter out the negative space whilst concentrating on the main subject – until you see the final […]

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