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The Emerging Battleground in the Analytics & Business Intelligence Market

By Steve Crawford | July 12, 2017 | 0 Comments

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A new battleground is emerging in the analytics and business intelligence (BI) market over embedded data science and smart data discovery.  In this new research, “Market Opportunity Map: Analytics and Business Intelligence, Worldwide“, Gartner provides key strategies for technology business unit leaders to exploit these trends.  This research was led by Alys Woodward.

This Market Opportunity Map provides a framework that helps business leaders understand the overall analytics and BI market landscape and identify attractive growth opportunities in embedded data science and smart data discovery.


Art of WarThe shift by application vendors towards providing smart and contextualized information aimed at business users, rather than IT, continues.  However, vendors have shifted past visual data discovery to bring more advanced analytics to the fold.

Just as the traditional business intelligence (BI) reporting vendors were disrupted by modern, visual-based data discovery platforms, so too are these modern BI vendors being disrupted by smart data discovery and search-based data discovery vendor initiatives. Both startup vendors and traditional large IT vendors have moved quickly to these smart data discovery platforms, driven by machine-learning capabilities such as predictive analytics and natural-language generation.

Areas such as location intelligence and analytic applications are increasingly bringing application information into context with analytics. Traditional applications such as supply chain, sales, customer resource management and workforce analytics are will see new opportunities for growth as they provide their users with more contextual information and automated insight.

Key Findings

  • The move toward smart (automated) and contextualized information brings insights served to business users, which ultimately drives action.
  • The cloud is where vendors will find the agility, flexibility and ability to combine external and internal data to dramatically scale up their innovation in analytics and business intelligence (BI).
  • Enterprises are taking a bimodal approach to analytics, replacing separate Mode 1 initiatives led by IT and Mode 2 initiatives led by lines of business.

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Market Opportunity Map: Analytics and Business Intelligence, Worldwide


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