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Will Working in the Cloud Work for Microsoft Office 365?

by Steve Crawford  |  June 28, 2017

Office 365 has boldly shifted Microsoft’s focus to the cloud. ┬áBut about half its customers are not as bold, stubbornly staying on-premises or evaluating options. Microsoft could have stayed right where it was with Office and been happy for a long time. It created a productivity empire that has provided the only general-purpose content creation […]

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How to Tune your SaaS Business Model

by Steve Crawford  |  June 14, 2017

Three key performance metrics, across different stages of growth, form the foundation of a successful SaaS business model. Technology business unit leaders (especially those new to SaaS) need to understand these metrics to build, optimize and scale a successful positive-cash-flow SaaS business. The Virtuous Cycle of the SaaS Business Model Business leaders need to understand […]

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