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Aye Robot

by Steve Crawford  |  March 28, 2017

How will robots fit into the workforce of tomorrow: Will they be working for us? Will we be working for them? Or will we just be out of work? To Avoid Working for Robots, Make Robots Work for Your Organization Craig Roth, one of Gartner’s Digital Workplace gurus, has authored a thought-provoking Maverick Research Note that: Focuses […]

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Digital Commerce Platforms are the #1 project for enabling digital business models.

by Steve Crawford  |  March 23, 2017

Digital commerce is the #1 transformational project for enabling digital business models. So how and why are enterprises implementing digital commerce? Digital Commerce Platform Growth Trends and Directions Gartner surveyed 561 organizations to better understand the key drivers that are influencing why and how organizations are adopting, implementing and using digital commerce platforms. The respondents […]

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Thinking Beyond the Cloud with Digital Applications

by Steve Crawford  |  March 21, 2017

Digital applications create the software foundation on which enterprise organizations’ digital business models are being built.  In the report, “Market Insight: Thinking Beyond the Cloud — Defining Digital Applications,” Gartner defines a Reference Model for Digital Application Offerings.  This research was led by Bianca Granetto. Defining Digital Applications Digital transformation encompasses expanding your application footprint online, on mobile devices […]

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