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EnterWorks & Winshuttle Join Forces, a Gartner Perspective

By Simon Walker | February 25, 2019 | 0 Comments

On February 14, 2019 Symphony Technology Group (STG) a private equity organization focused on data, software, and analytics solutions investments announced the purchase of EnterWorks® a Master Data Management (MDM), Product Information Management (PIM), Digital Asset Management solution provider (see, Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management Solutions for further analysis of EnterWorks). The press release* which accompanied the announcement further described their intent to merge EnterWorks® with Winshuttle, a solutions vendors already within the STG portfolio. Winshuttle offers products based on Excel that aim to simplify data entry within SAP applications. Additionally, Winshuttle offers solutions to manufacturing, and food & beverage companies, for new product introduction (NPI).

So how do EnterWorks and Winshuttle complement each other?

  • Winshuttle has a global presence with offices in multiple geographies. This is a benefit to EnterWorks that has till now had a North American focus.
  • The Winshuttle client base is likely to provide opportunities for the EnterWorks solution.
  • Winshuttle has a focus on SAP data management, while EnterWorks offers an agnostic solution. However, as Winshuttle has a focus on SAP customer, then it is likely that EnterWorks will be included within that strategy.
  • The new operating model announced** positions John Pierson as CEO of Winshuttle, while Rick Chavie, former CEO of EnterWorks, assumes the title of EnterWorks General Manager reporting to John Pierson.
  • Finally, a key component of NPI success is the ability to launch products effectively across multiple customer facing channels, and provide down stream product data syndication. This requires robust PIM capabilities that EnterWorks can provide to Winshuttle.

In summary, this merge seems to be mutually beneficial to all three parties involved. The MDM team at Gartner look forwards to seeing how this new venture evolves.



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