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MDM + MDM and the IoT

By Simon Walker | February 08, 2017 | 0 Comments

It is safe to assume that Master Data Management (MDM) and Meter Data Management (MDM) where different disciplines and technologies. What they share is a common three letter acronym. Therefore, being a Master Data Management analyst, I could be confident that my audience knew which MDM I was talking about. However, I now realize that the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing this status quo.

Before we go further, lets look at the two definitions of MDM;

Meter data management (MDM) products are IT components of the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), responsible for cleansing, calculating, providing data persistency and disseminating metered consumption data.

Master data management (MDM) is a technology-enabled business discipline in which business and IT work together to ensure the uniformity, accuracy, stewardship, governance, semantic consistency and accountability of an enterprise’s official shared master data assets. Master data is the consistent and uniform set of identifiers and extended attributes that describe the core entities of the enterprise.

Gartner defines the IoT as “the network of dedicated physical objects (things) that contain embedded technology to sense or interact with their internal state or external environment. The IoT comprises an ecosystem that includes things, communications, applications and data analysis”. Meter data management products fit this definition.

‘Things’ are recognized as a domain within the master data management discipline. Management of IoT master data is the formal definition of these ‘things’ in a semantically consistent manner that is usable across an organization’s business application environment. Multidomain and multivector MDM gives digital business the capability to resolve entities, discover relationships and make connections. For example a digital meter, location of the meter, and the customer.

However, the question remains, who will own the MDM acronym going forwards? Oh, and then there is Mobile Device Management (MDM)!

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