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Motorsports has been doing IoT, Big Data, Real-time Analytics for decades Pt. 3

By Simon Walker | February 07, 2017 | 0 Comments

In the final part of this series I want to look at my own experiences of Motorsports, and to show how real-time analytics has filtered down to armature Motorsports.


(Credit: Richard Anderson)

I have raced a Ginetta G40 in the ‘Ginetta Racing Drivers Club (GRDC)‘ championship for the last two year. The car is purpose built for racing, however it is road legal. As such, it is equipped with a Racelogic Video VBOX Lite which adds data logging and video capture to the car. To this I have added the optional OLED display which gives me all kinds of real-time data while driving.


What is most useful is the predictive lap-times option. I get a simple display that shows me if I’m up or down on sector time. It can also calculate your best potential lap-time, which is really tricky to achieve.

Back in the paddock, the data and video can be uploaded from the car to a laptop for detailed analysis. However, to get the most from the data I need the help of my driving coach to interpret.


(click to see in detail)

Simulation has become a key component of driver training. In Formula 1 drivers have access to highly sophisticated simulation rigs that have more in common with flight simulators than they do cars. However, through the advances in gaming consoles, simulation is now accessible to all. Project Cars includes the Ginetta G40 in its Junior championship configuration. I have regular use this game to learn, or re learn, circuits prior to attending race events.

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