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Simon Walker
Principal Research Analyst
1 years at Gartner
22 years IT Industry

A Principal Research Analyst on the IT Leaders' team, Simon Walker covers master data management (MDM), with a focus on product and multidomain data. Mr. Walker provides expertise and advice to Gartner clients in these areas, with an emphasis on information strategy, the importance of MDM and data governance within data management, business value of MDM and how to operationalize MDM in support of business objectives. Read Full Bio

Master Data Management (MDM) Goes Open-Source

by Simon Walker  |  December 5, 2019

Until now enterprise master data management (MDM) solutions have required a perpetual software license, or a subscription. However, this has now changed. Unidata an emerging MDM solution vendor has taken the decision to offer its core MDM product as open-source. To my knowledge, this is the only open-source enterprise MDM solution presently available. It is […]

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EnterWorks & Winshuttle Join Forces, a Gartner Perspective

by Simon Walker  |  February 25, 2019

On February 14, 2019 Symphony Technology Group (STG) a private equity organization focused on data, software, and analytics solutions investments announced the purchase of EnterWorks® a Master Data Management (MDM), Product Information Management (PIM), Digital Asset Management solution provider (see, Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management Solutions for further analysis of EnterWorks). The press release* […]

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TIBCO acquires Orchestra Networks – Initial Analysis

by Simon Walker  |  December 7, 2018

It came as a surprise to many the recent announcement that TIBCO has acquired Orchestra Networks, a pure-play master data management (MDM) solution vendor (1). An acquisition of this significance has not been seen in the MDM software market since Informatica acquired Heiler Software back in 2012. The reason Informatica made this acquisition was clear […]

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by Simon Walker  |  August 9, 2018

A number of product information management (PIM) vendors have recently changed their solution positioning to product experience management (PxM). But what is PxM? In the absence of a formal definition, I have attempted to provide a summary of what PxM is. However, this is a work in progress as the concept of PxM is still […]

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Is MDM your solution to GDPR?

by Simon Walker  |  July 11, 2017

There is much hype around the GDPR due to the fast approaching deadline of 25 May 2018. As a result organizations are looking for solutions, and many vendors have seen an opportunity to position their solutions (including MDM) as an answer. Master data management (MDM) is defined by Gartner as follows; Master data is the […]

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Creating the 360-Degree view of Product

by Simon Walker  |  April 10, 2017

I often have Gartner clients asking me questions about the differences between MDM, PIM and DAM. Retailers and brand manufactures seek to understand what business challenges each of these solutions solve. However, this gets much more interesting when the discussion progresses on to how these solutions can work together, and what can be achieved. The scope of […]

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Finally, An MDM Vendor ‘Gets’ Governance

by Simon Walker  |  March 2, 2017

In February 2017 Informatica announced the introduction of Informatica Axon a data governance tool. While this is a very interesting and welcome development, it is surprising how long it has taken for a data management solutions vendor to add an enterprise governance tool to its portfolio. Back in May 2015, Gartner published ‘Operationalize Information Governance With Technology Support‘ which […]

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Strong Results for Master Data Management Vendors

by Simon Walker  |  February 8, 2017

Two success stories have been brought to my attention I would like to share. Master Data Management (MDM) software vendors Profisee and Reltio both announced strong growth. This is great news and further supports Gartner’s observations that the number of implementations of MDM continues to increase rapidly, and the number of client inquiries about MDM that […]

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MDM + MDM and the IoT

by Simon Walker  |  February 8, 2017

It is safe to assume that Master Data Management (MDM) and Meter Data Management (MDM) where different disciplines and technologies. What they share is a common three letter acronym. Therefore, being a Master Data Management analyst, I could be confident that my audience knew which MDM I was talking about. However, I now realize that the […]

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Motorsports has been doing IoT, Big Data, Real-time Analytics for decades Pt. 3

by Simon Walker  |  February 7, 2017

In the final part of this series I want to look at my own experiences of Motorsports, and to show how real-time analytics has filtered down to armature Motorsports. (Credit: Richard Anderson) I have raced a Ginetta G40 in the ‘Ginetta Racing Drivers Club (GRDC)‘ championship for the last two year. The car is purpose […]

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