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Simon Jacobson
Research VP
19 years at Gartner
19 years IT Industry

Simon Jacobson is a Vice President in Gartner's supply chain research organization and covers manufacturing operations. Mr. Jacobson advises clients responsible for manufacturing strategy and performance. His research helps clients develop transformational roadmaps and implement their strategies for smart manufacturing and Industrie 4.0.. Read Full Bio

Focus On Lights Out Processes and Not Lights Out Factories

by Simon Jacobson  |  June 4, 2020

Factories are volatile environments.  Varying utilization rates, staffing levels and staggered shifts, and the new demand to create a consistently safe working environment each have their own challenges that require attention so demand can be reliably serviced.  Meanwhile, as evidenced through client inquiry, my work with CESMII, and the 20 interviews with global manufacturing strategists […]

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Digital Manufacturing’s Holy Grail Is Within Reach

by Simon Jacobson  |  February 6, 2019

The “Holy Grail” is a world of smart, interconnected, digital, integrated, autonomous, and automated factories.  An ecosystem anchored by solutions that are rich, robust, dynamic, and scalable. Seems simple and easy, right?  No.  Not really. Now for the good news:  The energy and passion buzzing the market is contagious.  Today’s digital opportunities for manufacturing operations […]

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Is Feudalism Is Preventing the Factory of the Future?

by Simon Jacobson  |  October 7, 2016

Industrie 4.0, smart manufacturing, and the IoT continue to paint ambitious images of manufacturing’s future.  Today manufacturers struggle to overcome their hierarchical legacies.  The concept of free market feudalism doesn’t jive with digital business. Feudalism was a hierarchical political and social system prevalent during medieval times.  A King sat atop the hierarchy supported by Bishops and […]

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