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What The Pandemic Taught Us about CRM: The 3 V’s. (Part 2)

By Scott Nelson | October 14, 2021 | 0 Comments

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In Part 1 of this serious, I introduced the concept of the 3 V’s of CRM that the pandemic helped us see. The 3 V’s are Visibility, Velocity, and Versatility. Earlier I talked about Visibility. In this post I will talk about Velocity.

It is well understood that the world will only move faster. As has been said, right now is the slowest things will ever be. But when it comes to out customers, velocity is not something we think about. Put another way, do you look for how to take latency out of the customer experience?

A lot of things broke during the pandemic. But one that was very obvious was the delay in meeting the customers needs. Some was out of our control (strained supply chains for example). But much was within our ability to address. 

Some examples. On your ecommerce site, do you work to make sure there is no page refresh delay? Do you find ways to cut down on shipping time? On the call center, what is your current hold time like, and what are you doing to shrink it? And on an SFA system, do you have real time linkages to the inventory system for your ability to promise? And does that link right into ordering and manufacturing to make sure that inventory is up to date?

These are all latent problems that need addressing in the customer demand chain. And going forward, the velocity of the customer experience is going to be a key determinate of customer satisfaction. 

We used to talk about process redesign. And that is still important. But post-pandemic, latency redesign is just as important.

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