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Scot Kim
Senior Research Director
1 years at Gartner
25 years IT Industry

Scot Kim is a member of the Technology and Service Provider research organization. Mr. Kim provides research and advisory services to clients that are in need of performing competitive analysis for all departments like product management, engineering, product marketing, solutions marketing, and sales. Read Full Bio

Be Aware of What People are Posting About you in Today’s Digital Era. It Can Be Used Against You!

by Scot Kim  |  October 15, 2019

Interesting enough.  The internet can be used as a wonderful medium for all customers and buyers to learn about your product or services.  In today’s digital world, buyers are getting smarter in understanding not only about your product and services but also about how you treat your prospects and customers.  However, social media is becoming […]

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Building the Right Battle Card to Win Deals

by Scot Kim  |  October 8, 2019

Lately, particularly when I speak with product management, product marketing and sales enablement; I am constantly asked, “What is the best content to add into a competitive battle card?”.  The answer is never a SWOT analysis or even a technical features and functionality comparison.  It is downright articulating how to handle a green field opportunity […]

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Is Your Company a Competitive Aggressor?

by Scot Kim  |  October 30, 2018

Time in and time out, companies sometimes are too conservative when it comes to becoming a competitive aggressor.  Situational opportunities occasionally arises and should be considered as competitive “gifts.” To quickly capitalize on these competitive “gifts”can mean a jump of 10% increase to your revenues or even taking market share away from your fiercest competitor. […]

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Competitive Positioning vs Competitive Differentiation, Is It The Same?

by Scot Kim  |  October 23, 2018

Coming back from the Orlando Symposium 2018 show, I have learned that many companies confuse the terminology, competitive positioning, and competitive differentiation.  At times, some of them may use these two terms interchangeably.  However, there are strong distinctions between the two.  Here are my thoughts: Competitive positioning is when you position your product/solution that has […]

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Hello world!

by John O'Leary  |  October 10, 2018

Welcome to Gartner Blog Network. Stay tuned for more developments in the Gartner Blog Network!

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