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Announcing the Gartner BPM Excellence Awards for 2013!

By Samantha Searle | November 12, 2012 | 0 Comments

I’m pleased to say that the Gartner BPM team will be launching our BPM Excellence Awards again, in time for our BPM summits in 2013. We want to hear about your success in driving BPM excellence!

A summary of the main details is given below. For full details including how to apply, please go to the Gartner BPM excellence awards webpage, where you can also download an FAQ and application form.

What are the Gartner Business Process Management Excellence Awards?

Gartner Business Process Management (BPM) Excellence Awards program is all about highlighting world-class BPM programs and projects that deliver business results, and broadly sharing their successes, challenges and insights.

If you have recently implemented a successful BPM program or project with resulting business impact, don’t miss out on the opportunity to publicize this accomplishment and honor those responsible for its success. Whatever your industry, or government sector and no matter the focus of your BPM program or project we want to hear your story. Apply today!

Gartner is now accepting nominations for the 2013 BPM Awards program globally and the winners will be selected by region (US, EMEA, Australia). Each set of regional winners will be announced at the corresponding regional Gartner Business Process Management Summit:

  • March 13–15, 2013, at the Park Plaza Westminster, London, U.K.
  • April 2-4, 2013 at the Gaylord National, National Harbour, Maryland.
  • May 13-14 2013 at the (venue TBD), Sydney, Australia

One overall winner will be selected for the “Best BPM Initiative” based on the compelling business results achieved with their BPM program. They should also demonstrating how organization and technology have been used to support the BPM program. Awards in these other three categories (described below) will also be made to award finalists in each region.

Evaluation Criteria

Business results are the first requirement for any successful BPM program. The preferred threshold is that the resultant net benefits should be at least twice the costs. Costs include: resources, technology, training, etc. Your case study must include specific results and a detailed list of the project/program costs. Baseline metrics for the before process will also be helpful. Submissions that highlight competitive advantage or future benefit can also be submitted and should include projections.

Applications will be evaluated on:

Category 1 – Best Business Outcome Driven by BPM
This award will go to the organization who can clearly demonstrate (and quantify) how a particular BPM project has positively impacted a key business outcome (e.g. Carphone Warehouse – a previous 2011 Gartner BPM Excellence Award winner achieved 120% increase in sales)

Category 2 – Best BPM Organization
This award will go to the organization that has best demonstrated how to (reorganize itself to) better support BPM and process centricity. We are looking for evidence of key BPM roles, presence of a BPCC, effective governance and process ownership, a cross-functional BPM focus and a strong collaboration with the business who understand BPM and embrace it as the way they do business.

Category 3 – Most Effective Use of BPM Technology
This award will go to the organization that shows the best example of how they have leveraged BPM technology to solve a particular business problem. We’re particularly looking for agility and use of model-driven BPMS, BRMS, iBPMS/IBO, case management or automated business process discovery (ABPD) (i.e. clear shift away from traditional application development).

Category 4 – Best BPM Initiative (The Overall Global Award)
This award will go to an organization that has already won one of the previous three categories regionally. The nine regional winners from those three categories will be judged on how their BPM Program has solved (one or several) particular business challenges and delivered compelling business. Evidence of the BPM objectives, vision, roles, governance, skills, clear quantitative results and effective use of technology are required.

Who Can Participate?

All organizations that are not vendors or service providers are eligible and encouraged to apply including:

  • Large enterprises, and small to midsize businesses
  • All vertical industries, including private sector, government and non-profit
  • International organizations or those based in EMEA, US or Australia
  • All business models: business-B2B, B2C, B2B2C…

Note: Although vendors and service providers are not eligible, we encourage them to assist their customers in submitting an application.

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