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Gartner BPM Attendees Indulge in Topical Tweeting and Fruity Gamification

By Samantha Searle | April 30, 2012 | 0 Comments

The second day of the Gartner BPM summit in Baltimore has generated even more excitement around BPM. For highlights and attendees reactions view my Storify blog of Day 2 (Thursday 26th April) here . It is interesting to see that 60% of our attendees are from IT and 40% from the business. Even more encouraging is the number of intermediate and advanced BPM practitioners (40% intermediate and 30% advanced) with only 30% of attendees at beginner level.

If you’re wondering what all the topical tweeting is about, have a look at the tag cloud below that summarises what people have been talking about on #gartnerbpm.

As for the fruity gamification theme, I hear that there have been a lot of fruit-related word games going around in sessions…or maybe we’re all just going bananas (**groan**)?!! Either way it was great to see such a high level of interaction on #gartnerbpm as well as onsite and thanks to everyone who kept the conversation going on Twitter duruing the event. If you have any further comments/feedback please let me know, else we’ll look forward to seeing you next year in Baltimore!

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