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Day 1 of Gartner BPM Summit Links BPM, Social and Gamification with Avid Tweeters!

By Samantha Searle | April 26, 2012 | 0 Comments

750 BPM wannabees have descended on Baltimore this week to discover opportunities and acknowledge challenges relating to people, politics and process and work out how to manage them.

I’ve summarized the highlights of Day 1 using Storify (allow you to create a nice storyboard rather than a blog full of text!) which you can read here:

Day 1 of Gartner BPM Summit Links BPM, Social and Gamification

There were some great conversations going on #gartnerbpm via Twitter yesterday. Overall we had 195 tweeters who sent 662 tweets and reached 160,080 other Twitter accounts so big thanks to everyone who participated! Let’s keep the conversationg going on #gartnerbpm for Day 2!

We also had a good start to our competition to identify organizational politics challenges. Some of my favourite responses so far are:

  • Knowing whose egos you have to stroke to effect change in the organization
  • “COE mentality” – we cannot do anything until we establish a center of excellence and a shared services group
  • Greatest organizational challenge is remaining relevant to the business and expressing outcomes in financial terms
  • Source of #OPbpm is the constant battle between process standardization vs agility and people believing they’re mutually exclusive

Keep your organizational politics challenges coming either by posting them to the onsite board at the summit or tweeting them to #OPbpm #gartnerbpm.
For a reminder of all the competitions going on during the Gartner BPM summit, check out my previous blog “Don’t Miss our Onsite and #Gartnerbpm Competitions at the BPM Baltimore Summit” and Elise’s blog on the topic “Get your Game On at the Garter BPM Summit in Baltimore

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