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Don’t Miss our Onsite and #Gartnerbpm Competitions at the BPM Baltimore Summit!

By Samantha Searle | April 23, 2012 | 0 Comments

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Our 2nd BPM summit in Baltimore begins on Wednesday and just to add some extra excitement to the event we’re running a few competitions onsite and via #gartnerbpm on Twitter.

Prizes include a free pass to next year’s BPM Summit in Baltimore and the chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Certificate (or $100 charity donation) and are for end-users only (sorry!) .

Here are the details:

Competition #1: Crowdsourcing challenges in organizational politics

This is an opportunity to help us define organizational politics by identifying the issues and challenges that relate to organizational politics and can hinder BPM success. For example, one issue might be:

Organizational memory; we can’t seem to try something new because a similar effort to fix “X” failed in the past”.

There are two ways to enter:

  • Locate the physical board at the conference (its location will be revealed on #gartnerbpm and during the welcome address at 8:30am on Wednesday!) and write down your issue/challenge on a piece of paper. You must put your name and email address on the back so we know who you are!
  • Tweet your issue challenge using #OPbpm #gartnerbpm

This competition will run from Wednesday and close at 5pm ET on Thursday so make sure you enter before you forget!

Anyone can vote for their top two favourite entries either by going to the board and placing a dot sticker next to the challenge/issue or retweeting them on #OPbpm #gartnerbpm. The winner will be announced at on Friday by Elise Olding at the closing speech.

Competition #2: Fill in the blank

I will run two daily competitions on #gartnerbpm where I’ll post part of a statement and invite people the complete it by filling in the blank. Post your full response to #gartnerbpm and the best response of the day will win a free pass. Just to give an example of what to look out for, I’ll tweet a statement such as:

#gartnerbpm Intelligent processes should…

You then reply by retweeting and filling in the rest of the statement:

#gartnerbpm Intelligent processes should tell me when a process is broken!

Each day the competition will finish at 6pm ET and the winner will be announced the following morning on #gartnerbpm and via my blog.

Competition #3: WIN $100 Amazon Gift Certificate for completing our BPM research survey!

We will be inviting attendees to complete our annual BPM research survey via onsite kiosks. Your input is much appreciated and will be used in our research so as a thank you for doing the survey, you will be entered into a prize draw to win either a $100 Amazon Gift Certificate or $100 donation to the charity of your choice. In addition, everyone who fills out the survey will get a badge!

Look for out for other games onsite!

Elise Olding and other analysts will be handing out badges onsite for participating in various games; see Elise’s latest blog for details:

Get Your Game On at the Gartner BPM Summit in Baltimore

and follow #gartnerbpm and other BPM analyst blogs for further updates. Enjoy the conference and watch this space!

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