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Gartner Security and Risk Summits are back!

By Sam Olyaei | May 22, 2017 | 0 Comments

Security of Applications and Datasecurity

It’s that time of the year again… less than a month away from event season! We start in DC on June 12th , we tour the world (Tokyo, Sao Paolo, Sydney, Mumbai, London) …and end up in my hometown, Dubai on October 31st.


This year’s theme is “Manage Risk. Build Trust. Embrace Change.” In a world where digital business and ecosystems are inevitably the future, we must manage risks to acceptable levels sponsored by the highest authorities in our enterprises, build trust with the very same stakeholders and other partners in our ecosystem (including customers and regulators), and embrace a change in agility and versatility that challenge conventional approaches to security. These very same challenges are supplemented by the continued rise in threats, evolving tactics in attacks, increased evasion and staffing shortages. The security summits are a great opportunity for leaders to be armed with the knowledge and tools to stay ahead of the curve.

You can catch me on stage starting in National Harbor (June 12-15th) delivering the following pitches:

CISO Circle Power Breakfast: 2017 CIO Agenda – A Security and Risk Management Perspective : “The 2017 CIO Agenda highlights the importance of building a digital ecosystem for enterprises. Security and risk management leaders must understand CIO priorities and incorporate security and risk management practices into the digital ecosystem to reap growth benefits. This session discusses the implications for security leaders and actions they need to take to ensure security gets a seat at the table.”

Confront the Cybersecurity Talent Shortage: ” Security and Risk Management Leaders struggle to identify, hire and retain security staff that have the competencies required, especially in the age of digital business. The result– increased risk for the organization. This session offers actionable and concrete approaches to confront the Cybersecurity talent shortage.”

Five Tests That You Must Apply to Your Security Policy: “Good security policy is a fundamental component to a sound information security posture, but security and risk management leaders may struggle to write and implement effective policy documents, resulting in inflexible policies that can do more harm than good. Apply these five tests to ensure that you are developing and implementing effective policy.”

Roundtable: Collaborative Techniques for Building and Developing Security Staff: “Leverage best practices from Gartner and your peers to address the talent shortage in cybersecurity and digital security. This interactive roundtable will result in actionable guidance to improve recruiting efforts.”

Besides the above, you can catch my colleagues and I at the 1 on 1 desk for customized consults and interactions.

Hope to see you there! Can’t think of a better way to collect miles 🙂

You can access the full agenda for National Harbor here.

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