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Sam Olyaei
Sr. Research Analyst
4 years at Gartner
6 years IT Industry

Sam Olyaei is a Sr Research Analyst in Gartner Research, where he is part of the Risk and Security Management group. His primary research efforts are geared toward advising clients on issues related to their information security and risk management program such as security maturity, security policy, security budget, and high-level security strategy/governance principles. Read Full Bio

Cybersecurity Is Critical to the M&A Due Diligence Process

by Sam Olyaei  |  May 1, 2018

Another merger, another acquisition, another breach…. Organizations are exposing themselves to undue risk by overlooking cybersecurity implications during the screening and due diligence process of a M&A transaction. A few years ago, cybersecurity due diligence consisted of a set of questions that the acquiring firm presents to the target firm…maybe an on-site visit or a […]

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New Job Alert: Virtual CISO

by Sam Olyaei  |  February 28, 2018

  Are you an Executive/IT leader/CIO with oversight for security? Do you find yourself resource constrained and reactive? Do you have any idea where your critical data lie? How about a strategy or roadmap or even simple policies, are those fleshed out?  Do you wear too many hats in the organization to dedicate time for security? Do you […]

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The Middle East cannot continue to throw money at Cybersecurity!

by Sam Olyaei  |  July 25, 2017

The Middle East is at a crossroads in cybersecurity practices. Home to more than half of the world’s natural gas and oil reserves, coupled with future megaevents such as Expo 2020 and 2022 FIFA World Cup, the Middle East is a magnet for high-profile cyberattacks (state-sponsored and others). At the same, expectations from governments that […]

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Gartner Security and Risk Summits are back!

by Sam Olyaei  |  May 22, 2017

It’s that time of the year again… less than a month away from event season! We start in DC on June 12th , we tour the world (Tokyo, Sao Paolo, Sydney, Mumbai, London) …and end up in my hometown, Dubai on October 31st. This year’s theme is “Manage Risk. Build Trust. Embrace Change.” In a […]

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Welcoming Security and Risk to the Digital Ecosystem

by Sam Olyaei  |  March 9, 2017

Gartner’s 2017 CIO Agenda shows more and more enterprises joining digital ecosystems as digitization initiatives mature. Top performing organizations especially, separate themselves from the rest of the pack by emphasizing leadership, organization and technology capabilities. This surge has serious implications for the security and risk management leader, in terms of new and more complex data elements […]

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NY DFS Cybersecurity Regulation goes into effect today, and it is already outdated!

by Sam Olyaei  |  March 1, 2017

After an initial delay, the New York State Department of Financial Services (NY DFS) finalized its new cybersecurity regulation that goes into effect March 1st (today). The new rules require banks, insurers and other financial services firms to meet minimum cybersecurity requirements “to protect consumers and ensure that its systems are sufficiently constructed to prevent […]

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The Cybersecurity Talent Shortage…. is a myth?

by Sam Olyaei  |  December 21, 2016

Over the last year, I (along with others on my team) have received numerous inquiries regarding a “talent crisis” that is brewing in the information/cyber security industry.  Organizations continue to have critical security needs but cannot fill them because of a perceived lack of qualified candidates available. The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics recently pointed […]

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