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How to Start Your In-House Agency

By Sally Witzky | January 14, 2019 | 0 Comments

If you’ve started an in-house agency or are ready to build or formalize one, it’s a good idea to clarify the benefits, choose or adapt to the best model and optimize for performance. Using outside agencies and vendors will always be a part of the marketing ecosystem, yet in-house agencies are increasingly common for today’s marketers and brands.

CMOs Require an Efficient Organization

CMOs require an efficient and effective organization to meet ever-changing business needs. That’s why they look at the benefits of what an in-house agency can bring to the organization. While benefits are widespread, they include:

  • Improvements in operational efficiency.
  • Driving down costs.
  • Higher quality work.
  • Convenience aspect.
  • Brand consistency.
  • Foster innovation and strategic decision making.

Once the decision is made to start an in-house agency and benefits outlined, choosing the best model is critical for sustained success. See Figure 1.

In-House Agency Model Gartner Nov 2018

For more details, see CMO Insight: Justify Benefits and Choose the Best Model for Building Your In-House Agency (Gartner for Marketing Leaders/GML seat required to view full research report).

5 Key Areas are Critical to In-House Agency Success

To build and optimize your in-house agency, focus on 5 key areas to address the many challenges you’ll face as you meet the specific needs of your larger organization.

5 Key Focus Areas In-House Agency Gartner Dec 2018

For more details, see CMO Insight: Focus on 5 Key Areas to Build and Optimize Your In-House Marketing Agency (Gartner for Marketing Leaders/GML seat required to view full research report).

This research also includes a chart listing potential roles for designing you in-house agency including:

  • Strategic talent
  • Creative talent
  • Management and technical talent
  • Channel talent
  • Data and analytics talent

Next steps include:

  1. Assess your current situation.
  2. Seek feedback from key requestors of the work and your current team.
  3. Identify or hire a champion to help implement the plan.
  4. Meet with your CFO for financial management assistance.

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