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How Can Financial Services Marketers Reach Gen Z?

By Ross Cosner | October 21, 2020 | 3 Comments

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Why should financial services marketers care about Gen Z (born 1996-present; 24 and younger)? Well, for starters, over the next 30 years, Gen Z — along with Gen X and Millennials — will inherit a portion of the estimated $68 trillion passed down from Baby Boomers as part of the Great Wealth Transfer. Older Gen Zers are finishing college, entering the workforce, and starting to deal with major financial decisions like health insurance, buying or leasing a car, and paying back student loans. With relatively lower adoption rates across various banking, investing, and insurance products, it’s no surprise that marketers are targeting this generation now with the hope of becoming a future financial service provider.

The number one core value for this generation is equality, a value marketers must integrate authentically into messaging, along with other top or differentiating values like adventure, belonging, curiosity, and creativity. Not only do challenger brands (online banks, fintechs, insurtechs, etc.) go-to-market with a modern visual identity that caters to this target audience, their messaging is specifically designed to target Gen Z values, as seen below.

Messaging That Appeals to Gen Z Values

Messaging from 4 challenger brands that appeal to Gen Z values.

Marketers that want to reach, appeal to, and acquire new Gen Z customers should consider the following tactics:

  1. Micro-influencer (5K to 25K followers) partnerships: this bracket of influencers may not have the reach of celebrities, but they produce higher average interaction rates for a more affordable price point. 
  2. Sponsorships: rethink traditional sponsorship models with a focus on authenticity – a top 10 value for this generation. Authentic and credible partnerships can counter rising consumer skepticism.
  3. Charitable contributions: similar to sponsorships, donations must focus on causes or organizations that align with the brand values of both the organization and the target consumer base.  

For more recommendations and case studies, check out Gartner’s recently published research, Use Influencers and Partnerships to Promote Financial Products to Gen Z (subscription required).

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